Surviving the Great Recession

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Calo and Frank Shipper Emerald Publishing Limited, pp. Please share your general feedback. You can start or join in a discussion here.

How to Survive a Recession and Thrive Afterward

Visit emeraldpublishing. Abstract Whereas prior studies have used across-industry data to find that employee-owned firms are more likely to survive recessions than others, what such firms do differently was unclear. Please note you might not have access to this content. You may be able to access this content by login via Shibboleth, Open Athens or with your Emerald account. Consider it as emotional insurance for later. My mother used to say that when money troubles came through the front door, love went out the window. Lucky for me, I grabbed my husband at the window sill. We approached our crisis from different perspectives.

I was the take-charge and Mike was the take-time to figure out a problem. After facing our differences head on, we pre-empted marital demise.

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Same for your children and extended family. Level set where you are, not where you hope to be with each other.

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Everyone brings different skills to a problem. This one is pretty straightforward. Then save some more. I had three months of savings and minimal debt when the recession hit. Shoot for a year. Better to overestimate what you need. Trust me. Shun the Shame. You can help out the teacher in return for the field trip.

And cosmos are so yesterday. Remember that shame is a paralyzing kidnapper of your soul. And pride is a close cousin. Embrace your own. Chocolate Helps. So does meditation and a nice walk outside. In combination, all three contribute to living a healthy, balanced life. Take time to get in mental and physical shape. Work your core now.

Lessons From the Recession

Dancing Helps, Too. Love, vodka. I was moving instead of constantly sitting in front of my computer completing job applications. Take well-earned breaks.

Good enough is good enough. And Tony Bennett is better than Xanax. Grudges Never Help. Work on your capacity to forgive and forget while you can still pay your bills. Many companies were tone deaf to the realities in which most of their employees worked and lived. Yet, I encouraged my children not to keep grudges. Do as I say not as I do, right? I learned to move on. But, hurt my husband? My kids? The deal was off. I loved the story from Rabbi Marc Gellman who showed children in his temple a hands-on demonstration of grudge-holding and forgiveness.

Share your Great Recession survival strategies for getting by on next to nothing.

He hammered nails into a board and told them to think of each nail as a bad thing someone does to another person. With each pounding, the kids got upset. The children smiled, realizing there is something they could do to make things right. Then he showed them the board with all the nail holes in it. How to get rid of the holes?

They had no idea. The holes would always be there. I was trying to hammer fewer holes. I kept the grudge tool kit away from view and tried to remember where I had put my compassion supplies, but sometimes I forgot. It was easier to grimace and grudge.

Peter Schiff: How to Profit on Next Recession

Who cares? They have holes of their own, often irreparable voids from a tragedy or illness or loss of some kind. I got over them and myself. Home is Wherever You Are. Home you are, I say. Sure, stuff is nice.

Deleverage Before a Downturn

The ultra-suede sectional. The square-foot Cape Cod. Sub-Zero refrigerators. My wake-up call came in far too many emergency rooms for my children. Stuff is stuff. Radical life perspectives can be a gift. Start now in prioritizing how badly you really need what you think you really need. Pay Attention. Federal forecasting can be spotty. Do your homework.