The Awful Truth

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In the end, it is a delightful draw; everyone, especially including us, takes home the loving cup. In the frenetic laboratory of the comedy shorts, McCarey had learned to trust the improvisatory instincts of great instinctive comic actors. In Grant, McCarey rediscovered the knockabout comic and acrobat who had come to the US from England as a member of a vaudeville troupe, much like his predecessors Stan Laurel and Charlie Chaplin.

Irene Dunne in The Awful Truth

To the eternal gratitude of three generations of movie fans, Cohn threw him out of the office and told him to get the hell back on the set. The result was a unique combination of cool glamour and warm approachability that everyone, including Grant himself, came to marvel at.

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I always cringe when I read the synopsis of these screwball comedies, because it sounds contrived and silly. However, the situations they get themselves into, the dialog, and the interesting side-characters make up for it every time. Especially the dialog. Leo McCarey doesn't get much recognition as a director, but he did a number of the top comedies as well as more heartfelt films such as Make Way for Tomorrow and An Affair to….

Here's a tremendous example of Cary Grant at his screwball comedy finest, playing one half of a sniping couple in the throes of divorce proceedings and trading insults with the speed of rapid machine gun fire as they try to derail each other's future plans.

The Awful Truth

Irene Dunne displays her considerable propensity for comedy and is a superb foil for Grant's laconic asides, bringing a wonderful sense of mischief to the role of a possibly wronged but perhaps not entirely innocent wife.. Their separation proves almost as much of a trial as their marriage as the pair spark beautifully off each other assisted by a great supporting cast including Ralph Bellamy typecast in yet another 'The Other Guy' role which he….

Sure, it would be easy enough to say from the offset that it looks incredibly cute but what it is that makes The Awful….

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Kinda stiff in the beginning but loosens up and gets funnier as it goes along. Some funny slapstick and facial reactions from Grant and Dunne. A lot of the dialogue fell flat for me as well as the chemistry between the two leads.

Maybe I need to rewatch and give it another try without comparing to His Girl Friday. Given a 90 day 'cooling off' period by the judge they set about moving on with their lives.

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Specifically Lucy is wooed by the eligible but dull Daniel Ralph Bellamy while Jerry plots to ensure the relationship goes nowhere.. This screwball comedy was a massive box office hit despite the fact Grant had been so convinced it would be a disaster he begged to get out of his contract. It's lightweight froth with the couples reasons for parting as daft as their reasons for getting back together. Its all champagne and witticisms….

Was lucky enough to see this one in the cinema.

Close-Up on Leo McCarey’s “The Awful Truth”: Love and Remarriage

Really funny movie, had the audience laughing out loud many times throughout the film. The print had a few issues but honestly that only added to the charm. The movie has some pretty interesting directing, a great cast and much of the humor felt timeless. And yet, McCarey seems to have been right.

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With Make Way for Tomorrow , he attempted something that Hollywood almost never tried: he would offer an honest, and therefore pessimistic, take on the existential estrangement and mistreatment of elderly parents by their grown children. Endnotes Wes D. Gehring, p.