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As before, you will need to purchase this voyage with doubloons.

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The commendations attached to completing this voyage will grant you a hefty amount of doubloons in return. At 5 doubloons per voyage, this will cost you at least 25 doubloons.

(Don't Fear) The Reaper

Plus, only one crew member needs to purchase the voyage. Reaper of Shipwreck Bay Commendation. Apologies: In our excitement, we might have gotten a bit ahead of ourselves.

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If a ship has its reapers mark flag hoisted, it will look a bit like the picture below. If the ship is outlined in white, never fear. That would be your ship. If the ship is shrouded in shadows, beware. You must also keep the flag up at all times during your voyage. Only lower it after you have completed all the chapters of the voyage. As the voyage name suggests, your first destination will be Shipwreck Bay. Use your map and compass to locate each X, and dig right on that spot.

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Digging up the third and final chest on the map will have you moving on to Chapter Two of this voyage. Later in the voyage, you will return to Shipwreck Bay. For now, you will be headed to another island, with another quest in store. For riddle quests, you are given 1—4 tasks, which must be completed to find your buried treasure. What must you do in each task? Well, that is stated rather plainly in your riddle. Where must you do each task?

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Ah, now there is the riddle. Landmarks and rock paintings litter the islands. Some of these landmarks and rock paintings can be hard to find. If you get stuck on a riddle, you can always open your trusty interactive map. Learn about our Boats Club.

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Model Boat Club. Learn about our Model Boat Club. Learn about our flagship 'Reaper'. Learning Resources. Explore our extensive collection of resources for learning.

The Reaper (outfit)

Support the museum with a donation. Become a Member. Support the museum all year with a membership. Buy a souvenir Get Involved Join a club. Rowing Club. Community Links. Boat Building. The Story of Reaper.

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