When A King Of Hearts Meets A Queen Of Diamonds: Playing your hand to win at relationships

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Chapter 2 Section 1. Chapter 2 Section 2. Chapter 2 Section 3. Chapter 2 Section 4. Chapter 3. Chapter 1. If you are dating Caleb or Aiden you only get one of the diamond options above. You can only convince Jade to go if you are not dating Caleb and you can only convince Cameron to go if you are not dating Aiden.

If you are not dating either of them and have enough diamonds you can play both paths and convince both Jade and Cameron to go to the party. Building Bridges for both Path A and B. While Skip is correct, it has no effect since Michael will challenge you to win two out of three rounds. Falling for You ". Choice 3a appears if Emma is with Luis. Choice 3b appears if you are not dating Maria or Michael.

Male or female. You get to talk to everyone. This only determines the order. There are no choices in Maria's path. If you choose to let the timer run out, you also get " Mafia Menace. This only affects some of the dialogue. Now though Elena's 'aunt' has been brutally raped and killed but the worst is that her sister has gone missing. A double funeral was set up making her return to her roots which has put her in the spotlight of Mateo.

Mateo is moving toward a goal that has Elena being his Queen. This book just opens us up to the start of their story and teases us with their secrets. This book is hard to put down and I can't wait for the next installment of their story! I am completely in shock. Queen of Diamonds was beyond gripping, I am completely enthralled I don't even know if I can type a legitimately coherent review. I am just - well I am just wow. This has completely taken me by surprise.

Honestly from the moment I opened to the first chapter Natalia poured this disturbing plot that was a forceful chokeslam. Just that spot alone made me realize I was diving head first into a web of deceit and suspenseful drama. And not to mention that the author's note also had me intrigued I mean who doesn't like a good warning note to set your goats? I know I love 'em. After finding her aunt dead, notified that her sister Eva is presumed dead, Elena is put into the guardianship of her Uncle, bringing her home to the luscious Vice City Remimngton Hill Estates.

Elena is not entirely convinced her sister is dead, she finds herself immersed in a world with Mateo Remmington - Drug Lord, amongst other questionable lifestyles. Because Queen of Diamonds is essentially a prequel to King of Hearts, I do not think I have a full on read of either Elena or Mateo, and that isn't a bad thing. Their personalities are both powerful, intense type presence yet they are completely consumed by one another in what seems toxic, possessively obsession type relationship.

Just an amazing stepping stone to help the dynamics of the developing plot. By the end I am conflicted. Mateo obviously knows more about the disappearance of Eva than he is letting on, but to what degree? I have my suspensions, but honestly I think it is going to be so much bigger than I expect. The webs of connections are growing in just a short amount of words that I am left trying to solve the mystery only aiding in the suspense of all things holy. And while at times Elena is perceived as this naive, innocent woman that Mateo is hell bent on claiming, I believe she is playing her cards to a bigger game, one I don't know if she is entirely aware she is playing or maybe she is just a really good game player Just so many questions, so many possibilities - ugh I need more!

Bottom line just from the introduction I was hooked. Queen of Diamonds was enticing, jaw dropping cluster fuck, hot mess of delicious proportions and to be honest with you I am ready to be consumed by this series. If this is the most 'tame' book in the series then comrades butter me up and call me Ley, I know this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Natalia has consumed me with her darkly delicious setting - this was brutal, chaotic and down right perfection. Not to mention that cliffhanger - whoa! I am pretty sure I am either questioning my sanity, trying to devolve the possible plot developments or quite frankly a little turned on Seriously, you are missing out if you do not pick this series up now! Phenomenal, bone chilling good - I am ready for King of Hearts.

Jan 05, sweet rated it did not like it. I am horrified by the behavior of the h who is supposedly in mourning after the brutal murder of her aunt. She meets a handsome stranger who she knows is dangerous. So one night when she can't sleep she goes for a run and meets him again. They go to a diner and she says lets go to the bathroom. Yep, she has impersonal sex with him where they don't kiss and then waves at everyone when they leave the bathroom.

Shouldn't you be upset about your aunt's death and that your sister is missing?

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This was the last book I read in and what a disappointing way to end the year. What a way to start a series! This book had me from the beginning with Elena arriving home after work to her world being turned upside-down. She thought she had been protected from the dark and dangerous world of Vice City but unfortunately for her that is no longer the case.

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Elena has secrets and mysteries floating around in her head but we are not really privy to all that she remembers or all that is going on just yet. What we do know is that she is becoming more and more entangled in the "game" What a way to start a series! What we do know is that she is becoming more and more entangled in the "game" of life with none other than the boss himself.

Elena is snarky and bold. She doesn't quite know when to keep her mouth shut but that is one of the things I enjoyed most about her. She might be uneducated when it comes to this life but she is not a wallflower. She has issues a plenty and just really wants to find someone she lost. Mateo Remmington is not a nice man. He is ruthless and cold and stands for everything that Elena was trying not become involved in. But he becomes enraptured by the innocence and naivety of Elena.

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  • He wants her and nothing will stop him from getting what he wants. Mateo is a mystery, he is one that even when you are in his POV you are still not sure how he feels. You know he has a plan but you don't know what it is. You know he has secrets but you don't know what they are. You know he wants Elena but not really what his endgame is.

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    This is my first book by this author and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I don't often take the risk of reading someone new when it comes to one of my favorite genres but I am so happy I did. This book left me with tons of questions, had my heart pumping, sizzled in the dirtiest of ways, and had that dark and gritty feel to it from beginning to end. We are left with one hell of a And I need to know what is going to happen next. I need to know who ruins who and who will survive this "game" of life. I imagine there is more death and suspense around the next corner and I can't wait to get my little paws on it.

    Mar 09, Bunnycore rated it really liked it Shelves: , 4-bunnies , contemporary , romance , trade-paperback , dark-romance. Elena has lost her aunt and her sister is missing. She was kept hidden away from the Elites in a world of deception, murder, drugs, and kingpins. When she found her aunt dead and her sister missing she was no longer willing to keep hidden away.

    For Elena she was going to play the game to find her sister again. She was willing to do whatever it took and that even meant that she was to be with Mateo Remmington she was willing to thrust herself into that game. I am not going to give too much away here because it is just a prelude to the Old Money Roulette series. Jun 07, Lisa Mcintire rated it it was amazing. Umm this was insane and sick and so good! Cliffhanger Well Bring on the next one. Holidays have started early for me. I will leave review at end of series. Jun 30, Michelle added it Shelves: dnf.

    Im not caring for Mateo or Elena. Time to move on. Apr 09, Brit rated it really liked it Shelves: sexy-business-men , new-adult , need-to-review-soon , sex-sex-and-more-steamy-sex , favorites , bad-boys , arcs , adult , alpha-fucking-male , devilish-reads. I love Natalie Bennett's writing, I love almost every single novel she writes this isn't any different but this was tamed yo what she notmally writes. This book isn't bad as far as characters go but i just don't get it.

    It is incredibly badly edited, from basic typos right through to grammatical errors. I found it quite hard to follow because the characters just seem to randomly blurt out new information but in a way that makes you think you've missed something.

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    There were a few times that i had to come back to the blurb and make sure this wasn't either a linked series book or not the first in the series. In all honesty i kind of felt like not This book isn't bad as far as characters go but i just don't get it. It felt rushed and is really very confusing. I wish i could have liked it more because it has left me intrigued as to what made mateo do what he's done but there is just too much i didn't enjoy to warrant picking up book 2.

    So we are starting the newest Natalie Bennett series and first off is Queen of Diamonds. This book is a prequel ish story that gives us the start of Mateo the kingpin and Elena the girl who has been away from Vice City most of her life.

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    Elena's parents didn't want her or her sister to be part of their world. So they shipped them off, but that couldn't save them. So Elena and her sister are left to raise themselves with their aunt. But when Elena's sister is murdered she decides it is time to So we are starting the newest Natalie Bennett series and first off is Queen of Diamonds.

    But when Elena's sister is murdered she decides it is time to go back to Vice City and see what she can find out. Mateo is dark, everything he does is to stay on top. He is the King and he wants a Queen.

    Elena is the person he wants and he will get her any way he can. But what is the game here? Only Mateo seems to know what they are playing and he will win at any cost. I am so excited to read this series, and what a start to it. But head the trigger warnings, this is not a nice romance. This is a dark and disturbing read and I am sure it will only get more so. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for my honest review. I knew I should stop this from going any further. I was too close He was a complicated evil. The Author leads you to believe you've got a conventional story here You are dropped bread crumbs, but not the whole story and then BAM you're blindsi "We were such an unconventional couple, but I couldn't help the way I felt about him.

    You are dropped bread crumbs, but not the whole story and then BAM you're blindsided by a bomb that made my little dark heart sing with glee!! This couple is hot and it's a dirty masterpiece, but there's soooo much more to contend with here, and the deeper story only slightly reveals itself enough to have you clamoring for the next book!! Not for the faint of heart, so don't wade in the pool if you can't swim. I loved it!! I thank the Author for providing a copy to review. Apr 11, Kendra rated it really liked it Shelves: review-copies , dark-reads. What a puzzling thrill ride this was. Bennett has done it again: a new series, new characters, and a new bad boy you love to hate and hate to love.

    I was enthralled with the teasers to this book! The cover is ultra dark and it just sucks you in. Oh, yes. Count me in. Mateo is dark, sexy, and full of secrets, just as a badass drug lord should be. I enjoyed every second of this book. This is another series I cannot wait What a puzzling thrill ride this was.