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This is about taking care of logistics ; 7 Kiss some more and engage in further foreplay to get naked and reach arousal; 8 Have sex. Make sure that both partners orgasm. For Guardians, fairness matters. Regularly scheduled date nights lead to regular sex. Sex for Artisans is primal. Artisans love sex.

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They desire to be sexy, to be sexual, to be sexually provocative, and to have sex appeal. For Artisans, sexuality is expressed through the way they approach the world. They do anything that will make them more physically attractive.

2. Change your scenery.

They innately understand what makes them more desirable. It manifests in their fashion, hairstyle, make-up, body-art, accessories, physique, and impressive possessions. They want to stand out. Physical attraction is highly intoxicating for them.

12 Resolutions for a Great Sex Life

It feels electric, and the desire for someone that is sexually attractive feels insatiable, irresistible, ecstatic, seductive, erotic, and can be extremely addictive. When Artisans engage in sex, they dive in with all of their hunger. To be bad, naughty, and fall into the forbidden. Sex for Rationals is not just physical stimulation. Discourse comes before intercourse. Flirtation occurs through wit, banter, and a connection of the minds.

Sex is creative. Rationals always seek to learn, so they are constantly seeking to discover, to know, to improve, and to be better than anybody else. Whether male or female, irrespective of sexual orientation, Rationals seek to orchestrate mind blowing experiences. They want sex to transcend the hum drum daily grind. Idealists love to be in love.

They believe in signs, destiny, romance, and true love.

9 Amazing Tips To Blow Your Partner's Mind in Bed

They love to love others, so they love to date. Issues current Topics. For the Idealist, generally speaking , sex is "Emotional You bring out your most seductive ammo -- teddies, garters, bustier, slinky lingerie, or black lace thongs with tiny rhinestones spelling out something fun like 'You're My Daddy! No wonder it's not imaginative or energetic.

If you’re having nonstop sex…

Sometimes you are naked, sometimes half-dressed, sometimes only your panties are flung to the four winds. Or worse, waking up to the TV droning on in the middle of the night and not remembering if you kissed him good night. I'm exaggerating here to make my point. Sex within a committed relationship has many wonderful things going for it -- from trust, to being sexually comfortable with each other to being in a snug and safe environment that allows you to have sex in its hottest and most pleasurable ways. But no matter how much you and he love each other, having same-old, same-old sex is boring.

Obviously not all couples who are in committed relationships are destined to have ho-hum sex. Still, to keep your sex life from snoozing off, you need to shake things up with sexy surprises and put back into play your sexually enticing skills, such as acting and dressing to tempt, attract and seduce him. How does make-up sex fit into the notion of keeping your sex life 'interesting'?

You know, when a couple has great sex after a fight not a physical fight but a fight in the sense of a heated disagreement.

Hot Sex Ideas in Bed - 20 Hot Sex Ideas to Blow your Lover’s Mind in Bed!

We've seen it a thousand times on TV and on movie screens. The couple is sputtering words at a rapid pace, screaming accusations, furious with each other. Then, in the middle of their shouting match, they stop, look startled and immediately begin to tear off each other's clothes.

Next scene: they fall on top of each other to land on the floor or the bed or wherever their fury-fuelled passion leads them. Make-up sex's reputation as 'great sex' is well earned. After a couple has a knock-down, drag-out shouting match, they're in a physiological state of arousal thanks to a surge of adrenaline. There is increased blood flow through the body, stimulation of the central nervous system, muscle contraction, elevated heart level, etc. They are, well, hot. Ironically, some of our society's best features -- the belief in equality, fairness and tolerance -- can, in the bedroom, result in humdrum sex.

Keirsey | Sex Revolution

Hot sex thrives on power plays, letting your emotions take over and pulling out all the seduction stops. Given that, it's easy to see why make-up sex is so torrid. I'm not referring to forced or violent sex: the 'act' must have mutual and clear consent and respect for each other's desires and boundaries. Despite its ability to produce a heat wave, make-up sex doesn't always work as a way to take a sluggish sex life up a notch.