Feast of the Morrighan

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Feast Of The Morrighan

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Feast of the Morrighan

However the names in the original languages do not. Reality — when the Milesians arrived they fought an epic battle against the Gods before winning the right to live in Ireland.

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Chapter 4, page 66 — the author states that the flag of Connacht has a griffon on it. Chapter 4, page 75 — the author states that Connacht has no physical locations associated with the Morrigan. Reality — Uaimh na gCat is located in Connacht and is one of the most well-known sites associated with the Morrigan. Reality — we have a fairly rich amount of animal lore from and Irish and Celtic perspective surrounding crows,ravens, wolves, cows, horses, and somewhat less about eels. These animals appear in many myths and stories separate from the Morrigan. Glynn Anderson has a book on Irish birds in myth and folklore and Miranda Green wrote book about animals in Celtic myth, for two examples.

Chapter 6, page 89 — the author states that the Morrigan appears to Cu Chulain as a three teated cow that he drinks from. Reality — in the Tain Bo Cuiligne the Morrigan appears as an old woman with such a cow, but she is not the cow herself. Chapter 6, page — the author states that in an interaction between the Morrigan and Cu Chulain where she appears with a cow, he challenges her and she disappears but leaves behind a crow.

Reality — in that story, the Tain Bo Regamna, the Morrigan transforms into the crow and continues trading insults and incitements with Cu Chulain. Chapter 6, page — the author states that the Morrigan attacks Cu Chulain as a wolf who causes a stampede of cows to attack him. Reality — this occurs in the Tain Bo Cuiligne, but conflates two different events.

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The Morrigan attacks Cu Chulainin the form of a wolf and injures his arm, and then returns in the form of a cow and causes a stampede. In the majority of versions I have read the wolf comes against him alone and the cows are a separate event entirely.

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Chapter 7, page — the author states that he cannot find anything in Irish myth about the Morrigan having a son with three hearts filled with serpents that must be killed. Chapter 7, page — the author states that Badb and Nemain have no children. He resumed kingship after the silver arm was replaced with the original, healed, arm. Chapter 7, page — the author states that the Dagda is not a king.

This information is found in the Lebor Gabala Erenn. Eithne daughter of Balar was his mother. Glossary, page — Banba is said to be a goddess who is one of the Morrigan or called Morrigan. Reality — Banba is part of a triplicity of sovereignty goddesses with her sisters Eriu and Fotla. She is a sister to the Morrigan but is never, herself, called Morrigan. So it should be clear from this that there are many issues with the mythology as presented in this book. There were also some other small points which I did not get into as they may be more issues of interpretation, however I think the ones that are discussed here seriously compromise the value of the book.

New Moon: Vulture and the Morrighan

Sadly I am all too aware that many people will never read the original myths and stories and instead rely on secondary sources such as this book, and I believe it is very important because of that for books like this to strive to be accurate in what they present. These are not, for the most part, issues in how one looks at the stories or what one takes away from them but are problems with the myths and other information being wrong. Inarguably, factually, wrong. We can do better than this, moving forward as Irish pagans.

A Grimoire for the Dark Lady of the Emerald Isle

The rituals and modern practical material may very well be fine and speak to many people, but it is vital that we get the mythology and facts correct to go along with them. Copyright Morgan Daimler. Newer Post Older Post Home.