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While Luthor intended to create a villain, does Bizarro fit the bill? In the '80s, a book came out about a power-mad billionaire Lex Luthor. It turns out the reporter was researching the philanthropic Lex Luthor, and uncovers the shockingly evil secrets of the man.

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Written by James D. Hudnall, this is more of a crime story than a superhero story. Superman only shows up in one panel. But it's a wonderful exploration of the good old Lex.

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It's controversial. While many have written Luthor as a sympathetic and misunderstood character, this book does none of that. In fact, it says that Lex Luthor has always been cruel, even as a child. It's an uncompromising look at Superman's greatest villain. Because it's an insane idea. The idea that anyone would vote the world's most evil man into the highest position of power in America is bizarre. But, if you don't know Luthor is evil, it makes sense. He's just a rich billionaire who's running for office. Perhaps the greatest of these tell the story of a Superman who is enraged that Luthor would run for President, but is powerless to prevent it.

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Even Superman isn't greater than the American political process. What makes this comic so powerful is considering the ultimate power to vote as something that could work against the most powerful superhero. Alternate reality stories about Superman are common, but "Superman: Red Son" takes it in a whole new direction. The great thing about this version of Luthor is that, at first, it seems like he's a do-gooder.

The roles seem reversed, and Luthor is the defender of the American way.

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  4. He's a young scientist working at Star Labs. As time goes on, he uses his scientific genius to create some of Superman's greatest villains, like Parasite and Bizzaro. The message behind this story is that Luthor would be evil no matter where he was or how he started. By the end, he achieves his dream with surprising consequences.

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    When several WayneTech helicopters go crazy and start killing people, Superman tracks the signals to LexCorp and confronts him. Waid is a huge fan of the original Superman movie. It merges two different interpretations of Luthor. Luthor is shunned by everyone, and his wormhole experiment with Kryptonite leaves him bald and tortured. Luthor is shown to be a genius, but also a social misfit who engenders fear in everyone around him. His parents were greedy and distant, and his isolation is the perfect explanation for his consistent narcissism.

    In the end of the story, Clark worries Lex might recognize him. His father reminds him why the smartest man in the world would never think someone from Smallville is Superman. This comic is a marvelous update to the Superman origin, but still captures what makes the original great. Luthor always has a grand master plan, and "Birthright 12" is no different. Luthor's plans to use Kryptonian technology to fake a war against Earth.


    His ruse is exposed by Lois, and Superman saves the city. In a last, desperate move, Lex tries to get weapons from Krypton through a wormhole before Superman intervenes. This is an amazing comic, as the pity we feel for Luthor is stripped away by his ruthlessness and greed. Even Superman is forced to admit that Luthor's loneliness is his own doing. The final punch is one of the most satisfying in comic book history.

    Plus, the comic gives closure to a story that's been told for decades. At the opening, he reveals a LexCorp sponsored superhero named Hope who tries to replace Superman. Luthor has always had motivation to destroy Superman. This novel explores his complicated psychology and fear of an alien with superpowers. Luthor feels that fighting Superman is fighting for humanity. In the end, all of Luthor's noble ambitions are made hollow by the fact that he's evil, but it's a fun roller coaster ride.

    He senses Superman's power and it's a meal he just can't resist. During the escape, Luthor and Kent talk about Superman. He gives a fascinating argument that Superman is making a mockery of the human race. In the end, his hatred for Superman goes beyond all understanding. But, by the end of the mini-series, he comes to understand Superman better than ever. So, that in itself makes it a must-read.

    Maurice Mitchell is a science-fiction and comic book critic, blogger, and journalist. He and his twin brother operate two blogs dedicated to science fiction and fantasy films, The Geek Twins and Film Sketchr. The final panel is the most touching as Luthor enjoys going back to prison for the first time.

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    By using LiveAbout, you accept our. LexLuthor Supergirl. Jon Cryer is already awesome as Lex Luthor and it's only been about 5 minutes. Damn that's the Lex Luthor this world has been missing?

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    Supergirl LexLuthor oh bitch, I am already so hooked on his performance as Lex! You know, I wasn't sure about it when he was announced, but, about half way thru this episode of Supergirl, Jon Cryer is a really good Lex Luthor. Jon Cryer is a damn good Lex Luthor!

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    Supergirl LuxLuthor. Register - Forgot Password. Supergirl — Brandon Key Bkey March 18, You know, I wasn't sure about it when he was announced, but, about half way thru this episode of Supergirl, Jon Cryer is a really good Lex Luthor — Randy Wilder Raaaaaaaandyyy March 18, TScottBrave March 18, Comments