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These possessions of my past - they are all that I have to offer for all that you have done. Please, take these as a symbol of my gratitude; all have served me well over the years.

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May we meet again, in better times, and reminisce of days long past Scarlet Subterfuge. Mark of Fordring. Ornate Adamantium Breastplate. Shimmering Platinum Warhammer. Shroud of the Exile. Fordring's Seal. Maelyrra : You can find this glade in the deep forest, east of our village. The starlight must also be gathered by night.

There is a rock plateau high in the mountains at the border to Roshamuul where you can catch the starlight in the vial. Maelyrra : You will recognise the place by the elemental energy shrine there.


You have to gather the sunlight by day, of course. There is a beach in the north of Feyrist, shaped like a snake's head. There you may gather Suon's light with the sun catcher. During the day we have to go north to the beach. We use there. If we do it right - we will catch the sun rays and the item will transform into. During night we need to use near the energy shrine located south from Feyrist. When we catch the star light our item will transform into.

Also during night we need to find the glade east from Feyrist and use near the fountain. We will catch the moon light and our item will transform into. After catching all lights we need to report to Maelyrra :. Maelyrra : That's wonderful! Now you will be able to repair the magical barrier. You have to strengthen the arcane sources that power this mystic shield. There are three different arcane sources: the moon sculptures, the dream bird trees and the sun mosaics. Maelyrra : There are five of each of them and you have to find them all to repair the barrier.

Spread the gathered moon rays on the moon sculptures. Pour out the starlight over the dream bird trees and let the sunlight shine on the mosaics. Maelyrra : If you charge all fifteen arcane sources with the respective light, Feyrist's protection will be ensured again.

It seems we are able to fix the protective barrier around Feyrist.

The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe

We have to strengthen 3 powering sources, whicha are maintaining the 'defense system'. During the day we should use on the center of the 5 sun mosaics. Sun mosaics map location:. During the night we should use on 5 moon sculptures. Also during the night we should use on 5 dream bird trees. Be aware of the Tibia time in order to finish this mission properly. We have to count the sources alone because the quest log will not provide such information. After using the 5th last from the group source we will see the information that it was the last one to power and our item will lose the glare.

When we are done strengthening the sources we should go back to Maelyrra. Maelyrra : Have you repaired the magical barrier?

Frank Sinatra - The Impossible dream (with lyrics)

Is Feyrist safe? The fae will be forever grateful. Take this blossom bag as a little thank-you gift. Such blossoms grow on our trees just once in a decade, so they are quite rare. The queen is delighted that we have protected the island and she will give us. In our backpack we have , ,. When we power those items again as before we will receive nice, protective items.


Those can be equipped in ammunition slot. During the day we should use on the beach, north from Feyrist, and we will obtain. During the night we should use on the glade near the fountain, and we will obtain. Also during the night we should use near the energy shrine and we will obtain. Simply put the link of video below and hit "Upload". Make sure to read our tutorial about how to submit videos. We uses cookies to give you the most and relevant experience. We use Google cookies for traffic analyse and advertisments. Articles Interviews Forum.

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The Dream Courts Quest

The more cards you unlock, the more the game blossoms. Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Play cards! Aug 20, Version 1. Update for iOS Minor bug fixes.

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