The Correct Approach To Fitness: My Story

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Even better, I have managed to reduce the amount of medication I was previously taking for my arthritis. Happy happy happy. The limited number of memberships on offer means that I receive more personalised attention from the staff, who are unfailingly professional, knowledgeable and helpful.


I enjoy the general environment of the gym — most of the other members are locals and there is a good friendly community atmosphere. The other members are focussed and committed to their exercise, rather than the stereotypical fitness junkies I have encountered at other gyms. I never thought of myself as an exercise person, but now, seven years on I am still loving my training. It is a friendly place — like a community and it is never intimidating — newcomers feel welcome too. It is welcoming to women and you can feel comfortable there what ever fitness level you are.

There are elite sports people, but also people of all ages and stages in their fitness life. They are across many approaches to fitness including strength and resistance training, interval and cardio training and building flexibility.

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I have greater energy every day and my health and vitality is improving over time rather than feeling I am getting old and decrepit — I hardly visit the doctor and lots of minor complaints have disappeared. I look visibly younger now I regularly work out. I have lost some pesky weight and my figure has drastically improved with shape back in my arms and waist. There is a wide range of supports for your health with training, massage, rehab, dietary advice.

The staff are always on hand to ask questions about training and health or how to stretch out a muscle — all the trainers there are thoughtful professionals who really know their game and treat you with respect and friendliness.

How to stay fit forever: 25 tips to keep moving when life gets in the way

But all the staff there are great, truly. At that time, I was 52 years of age, weighed a very unhealthy 98 kilos. Every session is extremely different and unique to your fitness purposes. Never the same and never boring. Vagif is very dedicated and can be counted on with any fitness advice you may need. Vagif has certainly taught me to be stronger and never give up in anything and I find that extremely important. Coach v is the definition of motivating! I was pushed to my limits with coach Vince! No matter how hard the workout was or how unable I thought I was, he empowered me to go the extra mile and succeed!!

I was able to see and feel results very soon after we started training. I've always been into fitness for looking good, but at one point I've hit a plateau at the gym, hated my workouts, and lost all motivation. I found Vagif through the Instagram page of a friend who would post her workouts with him and looked very good. I needed a challenge and I needed to get out of my rut, so I contacted Vagif. This was the best decision I made for my fitness journey.

I lost the stubborn weight while gaining muscle and confidence. Even my mentality changed from being fit for looking good to being fit for living the best life I can. Vagif always keeps me on my toes and accountable, and his workouts are incredibly challenging yet fun.

Where It All Began.

The thing that shocked me most is how he knows his clients' bodies and abilities better than the clients themselves! Despite telling him a weight is too heavy for me which happens every session , he pushes me to try and I always end up pushing through and hitting new records! I'm in awe of what my body is capable of and it's thanks to him that I find that out with each workout.


I couldn't ask for a better trainer. Highly highly highly recommend. Your motivation, inspiration, positivity and discipline i never take it for granted. I'm one step closer to my dream everyday. Much love brother. You re simply the best! I really look forward to each session with Vince and I'm motivated to exercise in between our session, which is making a big difference to my mind and body.

Vince is patient and puts emphasis on form, which I appreciate.

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I feel that that he cares about my objectives and is tailoring a workout just for me. Vince has always been willing to accommodate my schedule to the best of his availability. I would highly recommend Vince to anyone who is serious about improving their health, fitness level, strength, cardio and weight loss, and at the same time looking for a knowledgeable, fun to work with, dedicated trainer.

It turned out that both the inspiration and education I needed were to become available to me after my next birthday. This was the big turning point for me.

I had a referral from a gym receptionist to fitness professional Rob Riches via his website www. Rob was offering personal training in Los Angeles — a city I happened to be visiting at the time. I set up a couple of personal training sessions with him, and his enthusiasm for the fitness lifestyle quickly copied itself to me. Rob provided the initial inspiration and education I needed, plus we worked together on some motivation factors, and as a result I made a big decision — the year up to my 53rd birthday would be different to my life up to that point: I would adopt a high-priority fitness lifestyle as a project for that period.

Jenny thought this was an excellent change in my personal preferences — she saw me as a potential future running buddy or triathlon competitor, and now without the optional cardiac arrest. I developed a set of 10 specific measurable targets for my fitness year. Most of these goals were defined by weights moved in the gym, the remainder were body statistics. These targets are set out in the table below, showing my start position, planned end position and actual end position. Rob agreed to be my fitness partner and coach, and gave me instruction and education throughout the year both via email and by meeting and training together whenever he visited the UK.

As part of this, Rob designed workout programmes and nutrition guidelines for me that were focused on helping me attain my goals. It was tough to stick to, but achievable.

Under Armour

I also had a more tangible incentive — Jenny was so keen on me attaining my fitness goals that she agreed that if I achieved at least 7 out of the 10 targets by the end of the year, then we could stretch our family budget to a prize of one of my favourite cars a Mazda MX-5 2. Definitely the carrot rather than the stick approach! I achieved nine out of the ten targets — better than the seven aimed for, certainly enough to justify buying the car.

It was ordered on the day my fitness year ended — my 53rd birthday. And that was it. My fitness campaign was complete. And a success. I had achieved my goals, I had reached the point I wanted to be. I had the car to prove it. I could now say goodbye to the gym and to planned nutrition forever. What had started as a means of losing fat and becoming more healthy had become an enjoyable part of my life. Indeed, it was more of a pain not to. More importantly, Jenny very much approved of the changes in me — and encouraged me not to stop at that point.

So, I decided to continue the fitness lifestyle indefinitely going forwards. But no automotive incentives this year — how far do I have to go to get domestic approval for the Porsche , I wonder? I was very pleased that Rob agreed to continue in his role as coach and fitness adviser. The quality of the information and advice I get from Rob — relating to workout programmes, specific exercises, body physiology, nutrition, recipes, cooking lessons — now even camera skills, on-screen performing and video editing — continues to be outstanding.