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Remix Artist. Seven Lions. Richard Bedford. Richard Bedford Featured Artist. Pete Tong. Is It Love. Is It Love Last played on. Blue Sky Action. Blue Sky Action Last played on.

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Northern Soul feat. Unknown Last played on. Ilan Bluestone.

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Balearic Balls. Balearic Balls Last played on. Surge Last played on. Can't Sleep. Can't Sleep Last played on. New Order. Radio 1's Dance Anthems. Sticky Fingers Pierce Fulton Remix. Pierce Fulton. Featured Artist. Alex Vargas. She knows that in life we all are always in pursuit of something.

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We are able to do this by strategically aligning our program with quality community resources, Federal, State and local funding. Finally, the legends themselves. As usual the visuals and graphics were mind blowing. They played about a solid hour of brand new, unreleased material They closed the night with a Thing Called Love, and also announced a show in LA where I currently reside helps take the edge off the fact this night had to end!

As I type, I'm currently on a flight back to the west coast after a truly once in a lifetime 24 hr Above and Beyond experience. If you haven't seen Above and Beyond, you owe it to yourself that's all I can say. Thank you to my friends who joined me from all over the country for this very special night, you know who you are! Take care of one another, and until next time Dream on little dreamers!

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Read more. Report as inappropriate. The lyrics and melodies formed in a song promote one thing more than anything, love, pure love, the kind of love that stays with you over time. The group has the upmost capability, through what they do best, to completely transform ones outlook on life and the things around them. Being given the chance to see them in March of was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. They did one thing that not all musicians do, they made a connection with the crowd before they started playing, a bond with the crowd as if we were their closest and dearest friends.

As the show began and I felt the vibrations of the sounds, and the energy of nothing but happiness, I thought to myself, we are some incredibly lucky people to be able to be here right now. I never thought there was so much you could learn from a group of musicians, they make music but most importantly they leave an impact on hundreds of thousands around the world.

The supporting act was Grum, a DJ of whom I'd never heard before. He didn't really create much ambiance, and the crowd never really responded to him. His repetitive drops might have had something to do with that. They started of with "We're all we need", prompting the crowd to sing along. The graphics were top-notch, the live-typing created an amazing atmosphere and their music was, as always, amazing.

Their set lasted a little over 2 hours, and never once did my attention waver. I first saw them play acoustically at the Greek Theater which was brilliant and when I found out about them playing in Chicago I knew I had to see them again. The venue was perfect and the music was magnificent. I have also seen their EDM performance and although it is great in it's own way, nothing compares to the magic they bring performing acoustically. If you haven't gone, go! And if you have and loved it as much as me, go again! I know will if I have the opportunity! The most amazing show I have ever been to.

Being able to hear the real Zoe Johnston and Justine Suissa sing their legendary songs so faultlessly with the amazing band behind them was just incredible.

Above & Beyond

It was certainly a night I'll treasure in my heart forever, thank you so much Tony, Jono and Paavo. No friends were in town so i was on my own and having missed ABGT i was not giving up this time I had read pretty mixed reviews about the venue mostly negative ones but that wasnt going to stop me either!

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I am happy i made it this time and i really hope to catch them on this tour again im thinking DC next week maybe!!! Oh and did i say that i made another friend thanks to Above and Beyond?!!! We are all we need! The show last night was absolutely beautiful. Fantastically orchestrated in every sense of the word.

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I was blown away by the level of talent on that stage. I am not as familiar as I would like to be with Above and Beyond's entire collection of music but the following they have is impressive. It was really something special seeing that performance and I am happy to have been apart of it.

Very good show, almost flawless 1 very bad dubstep kinda like climax around 25 minutes before the end of their main set, but let's call that experimenting. All in all, one of the best if not the best party I have been to. I have been to a lot of these kind of parties, but this was on another level.

Absolutely amazing experience.