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I cannot even start to mention what vacation activities are available on our island, you name it and it's here. Aruba is a windy island so all kinds of water sports are practiced here whether it is swimming, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, surfing, kite surfing etc. Google "Aruba", and start preparing yourself.

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In the end, we are THE vacation island where 1,5 million yearly of American, European and South American tourists enjoy our beaches and sun each year! Of course, renting prices are accordingly. Bring ample sun blocker with you and don't forget your sunglasses and baseball cap! One bicycle for our volunteers is available for free, Aruba is not a big island so everything is within cycling distance while traffic is easy and quiet. Of course, if we are planning on going somewhere we are happy to take you with us. Also, when possible, we can drop you places you plan to visit.

Did I mention we are a DOG resort? This also means that, like on a farm, there is some work to be done on Saturday and Sunday and days of festivities as dogs don't take days off! If you don't enjoy dogs, don't want to hold, pet and work with them , then you will not be happy here with us. You're not a dog handler?


Don't worry, we'll teach you, just be prepared to do some unorthodox tricks to "talk" with our dogs. Tricks, in turn, we learned from the dogs themselves! In The Netherlands, where we did the same, we were an AEQUOR certified company to instruct and educate young veterinary students with hands-on training with dogs.

Join me in keeping my dream, a luxury dog vacation resort on the beautiful vacation island of Aruba, alive! Favourited times. Host rating. Last activity. Reply rate. Average reply time:. Add to my host list Contact Register. Cultural exchange and learning opportunities Aruban people are very kind and hospitable, open and like to share their culture with you. Help First and foremost we like you to understand the principle of Workaway: WE provide you with decent board and lodging and you, in return, help!

Accommodation As we ourselves live in a modified 40 ft container we do not have a spare room. What else A little more information Internet access. Bruno workawayer , splitting palm leaves in preparation of the palapa roofs. Bruno workawayer , installing palm leaves for the palapa roof of the dog lounges.

Pouring the concrete walls of the swimming pond for dogs. The so called "Fireplace" where we can sit and celebrate and have a good time. Feedback left by and about host Left by Workawayer Amelia for host. This was my first workaway experience and it was phenomenal! I stayed with Joop and Liz for a month, but wished I could have stayed much longer. They live in paradise--both Aruba and the dog resort! Joop and Liz are kind, caring, attentive and wonderful hosts.

Right off the bat they made me feel comfortable. The work can be tough out in the sun, … read more but rewarding and Joop is always happy and willing to answer any questions you may have. Joop also has an incredible amount of knowledge concerning dogs and it's fascinating to have the chance to talk to him and learn more about their behavior.

Joop and Liz have an incredible amount of passion for animals and it is a privilege to witness. Overall, it was such a wonderful and unique experience.

Host rating

It was our first workaway experience and one we will never forget! Joop is a patient guy and takes his time to explain you anything. Specially about dogs. We love them, but thanks to Joop we now understand much more about them. Beside his knowledge about dogs he also love to share his other projects. On the … read more job he is easy to communicate with, you can ask him any questions and share your ideas with him. Everything is clear and transparent.

Liz is a loving and kind person and provide you the most delicious meals! Also the way she cares for animals inspired us! You can only contact Workawayers who have an active membership. Left by Workawayer Peter for host. The dog resort was my first workaway stay and I extended it from six to nine weeks. Joop created a great paradise for dogs in a central location of the island.

Almost everything is reachable by bike with or against the constant east wind. Joop has lots of experience with dogs and likes to share his knowledge. He is very patient with the dogs and … read more if necessary with me :D Liz loves dogs more than everything and never gives up on any of them no matter how sick they are or where they come from.

Both are joking a lot but if you have some serious topics to talk about they were always there for me with a good advice. I learned a lot about dogs and enjoyed every day at that nice place. Liz and Joop, thank you for everything! I had a wonderful time and I hope we gonna meet each other again.

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For 6 weeks Eline and Rob were with us at the Resort. This time went past like it was 6 days. This couple is what every host desires when volunteers apply for a stay. They are eager to learn, help and understand everything they get involved in. They want to know … read more everything, learn everything, see everything, do everything, understand everything, show everything, share everything and they have incredible fun while doing it!

While not exceptionally technical, the both of them put their mind and will to it and not only get the job done with all their body parts still in place , but also the way YOU want it and to your satisfaction. Animal lovers pur sang with a special part of their hearts dedicated to dogs, they quickly interacted with our own, our guest dogs AND our foster dogs. The latter being stray dogs and not always the most easy ones to handle, they just tried it and their natural self took over. Marvelous to see! Their never ending love for dogs, culminating in how they handled the sometimes very young stray dog puppies, was touching the see.

No job was them too much or too dirty, and believe me, 8 or 9 puppies of about 3 to 4 weeks old DO make a mess during the night Eline's organization talents and Rob's knowledge of the modern media, especially his background in TV reporting and editing are fenominal. The birthday present they made me simply blew me out of my socks! I personally guarantee a very satisfactorily time with 2 highly motivated people! To Eline and Rob, we wish for you that this journey may bring everything you wanted from it.

You know I expect the both of you back here on Aruba somewhere this or the next year ;- And last, but certainly not least, a million "thanks you's" for everything you guys did here Recordar es vivir This was our first, and yet still best, experience with workaway. We had a lot of fun and offcourse we have learned many new things. Like how to handle dogs, treat the flowers and being more technical. Joop is really patient and helpfull with giving job instructions. He made a true … read more paradise for the dogs! And also for the workawayers. The container, we lived in for 6 weeks, was transformed in a private mini house.

Two bedrooms, own bathroom and the kitchen is still a project ;. So hopefully we will be back soon to see the progress of it all. Thank you Joop and Liz to invite us in your Aruban lifestyle and we were privileged to met and play with all those beautiful dogs! We really loved this place. Left by Workawayer Maxwell for host.

This was my first Workaway and it was a lovely introduction to how everything works and what to expect. Joop was very welcoming and happy to leave you to freely explore the island when not working whilst offering tours when wanted! It's important to note that the … read more work can be manual and difficult if you're not used to it - it ISN'T just playing with dogs all day! But if you're happy to contribute to what is a great business then you'll be a great fit.

Joop - sorry this feedback is so late! Left by Workawayer Spencer for host. Volunteering at the dog resort was one of the best experiences of my life. This was my first time doing workaway and I would say this a great place for your first one or your th one. Joop is a good guy. I not only learned about Aruba but he also taught me about the Netherlands. He is more than willing to show you around the island and take you … read more on trips with him.

Future Islands - "A Dream Of You And Me"

You'll be active at the resort as there is much to do. You'll also feel right at home, so at home it might be hard to leave. I highly recommend Joop and think volunteers should consider the dog resort as their next workaway. What a great guy Spencer is! He had to postpone his arrival to Aruba due to a small medical issue so he came 10 days later.

He adapted fast to the work, the other volunteers, to the dogs and to us. He was a great guy to have. Did his jobs with joy and speed, always smiling and friendly. Aruba had his attention and he was really interested in its … read more people and nature. To bad he had to leave much too soon, again his medical issue was causing this. Sometimes my friend, it's just that way, and then you better listen to your body. You have only one of that! Spencer, once again thank you very much for all the help and for your presence in our Dog Resort.

We'll gonna miss you!! All the best with the rest of your life! Veni, Vidi, vici. That could be the slogan of Tomasz and Karolina. Their feedback was unanimously positive. Tomasz is the cat with the 7 tails, he is an excellent craftsman on … read more many trades, has an excellent technical knowhow, and find solutions that work. His relentless work drift and specially also his happy character and happiness make him unique in the volunteers world.

A traveler in heart and soul with the drive to, everywhere he worked, leave his trademark and good impression. Somebody who knows how to do the work and sees it. And, if there is more than one solution, consults with you to find the most practical one for you. Finishing it before you know it!

He made our entrance lock directly after the main entrance. He cut, welded, painted, put the wired fencing, made the second set of gate doors and mounted the pile of pipes together to a perfect working space! Also the closures of his own design work like clockwork! Of both the original big and heavy gates to the outside he changed and corrected the hinges, without help and it works as never before.

Of our light pole, not working for years already as the fixture was rusted away, he changed the old to a modern armature. That the whole construction was 6 meters above the ground was, again, no problem. Because of some leakages in the roof of one of our sea containers we discussed to do a quick repair. While getting all the rust off, he discovered more and more holes. Too expensive, so Tomasz prepared innumerable cover plates of all sizes and forms and juggled with sander, grinder and welding machine all the roofs to a watertight structure which can stand the times for the coming 5 years!

Painted them also… It took him several days of dull, monotonous work with a joy and optimism we never expected! Repairs to the dog kennels he did in-between, it never affected his optimistic mood and his smile was like carved in granite. With various subjects he shows a healthy and well-founded interest. Everything I said about Tomasz above, on her own fields and trade, also goes for Karolina. The word CHEF is doing her right! Her cooking skills are suburb, it was eye-catching to come to the breakfast table, or, to be honest, any other meal for that matter.

Every time it was like dining in a famous restaurant during working hours and without changing into fancy clothing…. I felt it was mine, day after day…. Ah, also mentionable, Tomasz, before continuing his own work, managed to do the dishes afterwards! She found time to clean and reorganize our whole kitchen, refrigerator and storage room. The cleaning of the whole kitchen following from that, was only natural for her. She enjoyed doing it, so did we! How do I add she managed to do the laundry without anybody noticing it? Only the constant supply of clean clothing and kitchen linen was clear.

Or the necessary adjustments to clothing, pillows, sheets etc. It was all natural to her. As was the unrelenting care and accuracy for our dogs. Feeding, applying medicine if needed, cleaning their kennels, it was never a problem. Watering the various big gardens, no problem. The training of the dogs gave her pleasure and with genuine interest and carefulness she applied that what she learned immediately. I need to stop, its getting too long a feedback.

Thank you both, for your time spent at our Resort…. All the best! Left by Workawayer tomasz for host. We have been doing a voluntary all over the Europe, we met a lots of peoples, we learned a lot from them and same happened here, on this small, insane Dutch Island calls Aruba. Joop is very kind person, patient , he likes to share his dogs-knowledge with volunteers. All You have to do is just ask and listening.

Karolina learned so much about dogs … read more behavior, she gets a lots of trainig tips from Joop. Me, construction man, I had free hand to do my job and Im happy I could do something for that dog paradise. That was amazing 6 weeks for us. Nice and chill place for travelers like we are.

And there she came, all enthusiast and happy to be on Aruba, smiling from ear to ear leaving the Arrivals hall of our airport! And that smile stayed throughout her stay with us, it even worked contagiously. She was eager to do the work we asked of her, and did it with pleasure.

Nothing was too much, too dirty or too difficult for her. She loved … read more the dogs present at that time and applied what she learned about dogs and their language successfully. That made her loved by them and even Xylia, a former and very shy stray dog, reacted enthusiastic towards her. She took pride in gardening and was glad with every flower arising from the bunch of dried plants she started to maintain. The very first thing she did every morning was watering and talking to The same spirit she had with work, she had in her time off.

She made friends all over the island, friends who hated to see her leave! We Gaby and me as well as her colleague volunteers Karolina and Tomasz from Poland, had a great time with her and wish her all the luck of the world and a happy reunion with her brother in Mexico. Lauren, for IF you want to come to Aruba, please let us know, you're so welcome to spend some time here again!

And thank you for all the good and fine things you did here! Left by Workawayer Lauren-Lee for host. Working with Joop and gabby was my first work away experience and how lucky I was to get to spend an amazing month with them at the resort! I learnt so much during my time there and discovered a love for gardening! The work is pretty physical but extremely rewarding and Joop is extremely patient and knowledgable! I had a brilliant month and didn't … read more want to leave! Thank you guys for an amazing month on the island!! Who tends to have dreams about water most frequently?

Does dreaming about a lack of water have any significance? He adds that dreaming about a lack of water can also indicate feelings of deprivation or emptiness regarding something important to the dreamer -- in that case, change is in order. Jeffrey Sumber, M. He has also taken specialized courses in dream interpretation at the Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. In addition to teaching psychology at National-Louis University in Chicago, he has served as a licensed clinical counselor for over ten years.

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