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The books, narrated in the first person, related his experiences under the tutelage of a Yaqui "Man of Knowledge" named Don Juan Matus. Boucq was disappointed with the project falling through, disagreeing with Charlier Jr. And even the fictional "Fort Mescalero" has resurfaced as Blueberry's very first Far West posting in the prequel book Apaches , aside from the fact that much of what he had envisioned for this project actually turned up in the Blueberry movie.

Later, in , Giraud submitted a "Blueberry-meets-Bouncer" contribution to the to pieces limited "Bouncer" portfolio from short-lived publisher Osidarta, aside from providing a foreword. Despite Charlier Jr. This would probably not be the case if I were to re-start a cycle of 5 albums, because I do not think I have the energy left for another ten years of work.

Actually, I want to take up the idea of Blueberry again, which has a very realistic side, sometimes a more crazy one: the Indians were a magical people, that was part of their culture, and I want to stage the collision between our world, through the conquest of the West, and the world of Indians who resist. It is often shown how events took place in a strategic sense, but I wish to plunge into Indian sociology, like it was done in Dances with Wolves , by replacing our materialistic vision of the world, and by explaining the clash of cultures that took place.

Of course, there is a certain challenge in doing the story this way, because I might possibly yank the rug from under the feet of the reader. I still have to rework the script and do the page divisions, but I think it will take between and pages. In my function as literary editor, I also amused myself by mounting a massive hoax.

It was meant to expand a bit upon the knowledge of Blueberry's past that I had introduced in the full Jeunesse stories. As an aside, I humbly apologize to the respectable professors and other eminent historians who have rock solidly believed in it, and who have overwhelmed me with requests for my sources. The idea came to me at the National Archives in Washington , when I was looking for old pictures for a television show.

Haycox, Ernest

One of them caught my eye on a pile of documents dating from the Civil War. It showed a young, anonymous officer, serving in the cavalry of the Union, who resembled the young Blueberry as drawn by Jean Giraud. It was too beautiful! I could not resist! I acquired a lot of other pictures of the era, representing southern plantations, black slaves in cotton fields, scenes of the Civil War, trains, forts, Mississippi Show Boats And, using them as starting point, I wrote the detailed biography of Mike Steve Donovan, alias Blueberry, which can now be read at the start of the album "Ballade pour un cercueil".

I mingled many real facts and characters that had really existed into my imaginary biography. Thanks to the photos brought back from Washington, it became a flagrant truth.

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To complete this forgery, that amused me immensely, I commissioned my graphic artist Peter Glay for the superb false historical portrait that you can also admire. A detail that should not be lacking in all this pizzazz, the officers represented on Blueberry sides are, in reality, comic artists Jean-Marc Reiser and Jean Tabary , who were relatively unknown at the time, but who have come a long way since the time they posed as Blue Coats!

Sein letzter Verrat Western 1951

This hoax worked beyond all hopes: thousands of readers believed in the real existence of Blueberry, following the publication of this false, with authentic photos illustrated, biography. Blueberry, detailing his life from birth to death, and written from a historic, journalistic point of view. When asked about it a decade later, Charlier clarified that once it became clear to him that Blueberry had become the central character of the series he had conceived, he then already postulated in his mind the broad strokes of the complete life and works of his creation, including the reasons for Blueberry's broken nose and odd alias.

There had been a practical reason as well for this. The story already ran 16 pages over-length and as contemporary printers printed eight double-sided comic book pages on one sheet of print paper, the addition of the page biography was not that much of a bother for their production process. Currently somewhat of a staple in European comics, at that time the inclusion of an informative background section in a comic book of that size and wealth of detail was hitherto unheard of and a complete novelty, and what Charlier had not foreseen was that many in the pre-internet era mistook the biography for real, factual history, propagating it as such in other outside media as well.

Still, having written the biography within the historical context as postulated in the comic , fully expecting his readership to understand it as such, Charlier originally had not the intention to perform a prank at the expense of his readers, despite him later presenting it as such in the above statement, mischievously poking fun at the "respectable" and "eminent", but gullible, believers — and which was in concordance with biographer Ratier's observation of the author "taking liberties" with actual events for dramatic effect, [14] aside from the fact that his "it was meant to" statement also implied his original intent and the incongruous circumstance that he had already left the employ of Dargaud and Pilote in as already mentioned.

There are people who take it for real fact. To complete the appearance of a bonafide in-universe biography, a Civil War-era style group portrait, featuring Blueberry and flanked by the by Charlier mentioned comic artists, was included, ostentatiously recently discovered and from the hand of American artist Peter Glay, but in reality created by Pierre Tabary under the pseudonym. Tabary, brother of Jean, was a French book illustrator of some renown himself, also working for Pilote as illustrator for their magazine editorials at the time. Lofficier has translated the biography in English, specifically for inclusion in the Graphitti Designs anthology collection it was not featured in the Epic editions , published in the fourth volume of the collection, Moebius 4.

Lofficier however, took it upon himself to slightly edit Charlier's original text in order to reflect Blueberry's life as featured in the post publications despite being reprinted numerous times, not only in French but in other languages as well, [] Charlier himself has never revisited his original text again , and as such it is not an entirely faithful translation as some elements were added, whereas some others were omitted, such as the aforementioned notion of Blueberry ultimately heading a unit of Apache scouts.

The series has received world wide recognition in the comics community, and the chief factor for Giraud receiving his first recorded international award in That Blueberry has always remained his primary source of income, allowing him to fully indulge in his artistic endeavors as Moebius, was admitted as such by Giraud as early as , "If a album of Moebius is released, about A Blueberry album sells at least After Giraud had returned to France pursuant his extended stay in the United States, generic interest in his work steadily grew and resulted in an increasing number of latter-day exhibitions at museums and conventions, featuring his original art.

A film adaptation, Blueberry [] U. Many purists were appalled by this film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Blueberry Blueberry as drawn by Jean Giraud. Main article: List of Blueberry characters. He already had outlines in mind, but asked me to come up with a name. He suggested a couple of names, which sounded not bad, but I wanted something softer for this rough and basic character.

It was then that I saw that somebody had signed with the name "Blueberry" in Geographic Magazine , which was lying opened in front of me, purely by coincident.

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That was the right choice, and Charlier liked the name as well. For the hero's facial traits, I chose Belmondo, as he was at the time something of an art symbol for guys my age. That came about this way: To have Blueberry come across as a non-conformist, I described him right from the start as uncombed, disheveled, unshaven, broken nosed, etc.

After he had read that, Jean exclaimed to me, "That's Belmondo!

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  7. It coincided with the break between Jean-Michel and Dargaud, where questionable issues in regard to authors' rights were in play. I was not quite on board with the development of the story yet, we still had not decided upon anything. There were some great ideas, which needed to be finalized.

    It was not that bad; At Dargaud, they are more active on the editorial level. During the entire time I was at Humanos, I had not received a single call to start a new project. I profited from it If Blueberry had remained with Humanos, there still would not have been a new album! At Dargaud, the late Guy Vidal became a true series editor-in-chief, active, pugnacious, adhering to continuous series. I do the best I can. I'm not saying it's all entirely successful.

    I do recognize that there are some surprising issues at the script or drawing level, but it has the merit of not being routine! That has always amazed me every time I entered some graphics, or animation studio, at Marvel or even at George Lucas '. Mentioning the name Jean Giraud did not cause any of the present pencillers, colorists or storyboard artists to even bat an eye. It was incredible! Neither Jean Giraud nor I were particularly interested to have concurrent, both long and short but similarly themed stories, published in two different magazines. But abundant, longtime fan-mail from readers, who gave us their friendship by faithfully following his tumultuous adventures, told me that the Blueberry character posed many irritating enigmas for them.

    Why did he have a broken nose? Why did he stay in the army as he obviously did not possess the qualities, besides his bravery, befitting a good soldier? And why this ridiculous name Blueberry? Blueberry is English for myrtille : Lieutenant Myrtille, that was not a name for a Western hero! The questions came from all sides. Unfortunately, it was impossible for me to further encumber stories that were already quite heavy.

    Then the idea struck me to forge out a past for Blueberry through the stories we were asked to do for this Superpocket Pilote. A past in which our readers would find answers to satisfy their legitimate curiosity. The idea excited Giraud, who decided, in order to differentiate between two series, to adopt a more lively style, more edgy, but less convoluted. That is why I deliberated for so long when they asked me to do the Young -series. I mean, what I am doing is so close to Giraud, that everybody will think me a mere Giraud-imitator.

    Especially the first few pages. I think, as we go along, we will build something that is recognizably different from what Giraud has done up until now. Both publisher Novedi and writer Jean-Michel Charlier told me that they want me to make the series my own as soon as possible. That is why it is such a challenge. I'm looking for my own way.

    That will be the greatest task for the first album. This artist is quite capable of doing the series, but he is somewhat paralyzed by the fame of Blueberry and the personality of Jean Giraud. Ultimately, the most evident part of my work with him was to prevent him constantly wondering how Giraud would have drawn such and such panel in his place.

    La Jeunesse de Blueberry will not replace the series by Jean Giraud, who is absolutely not tired of drawing it.

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    Quite the contrary, it is constantly on his mind! Since he has more or less identified with Blueberry, he is less and less inclined to drop the series. For example, the temples of the hero have turned white at the same time as those of the artist. I was extremely backlogged; he helped me with the three last pages in particular. I carefully did the penciling and some of the faces that of General Golden Mane for example and all the Blueberrys in detail, and Colin did the rest. But this was a special case, a kind of favor from a friend.

    I like Colin and his wife Janet very much. That I reverted the task to him, was not laziness on my part, but rather a gesture of friendship; I wanted to demonstrate to him that he could draw Blueberry every-bit as good as I did. If Colin wants, I can assume the role of a mentor. I told Colin he should in no way feel tied down, he should take all the freedom he needs; it is his series now.

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    5. We have never cooperated [ on Young Blueberry ], but when I introduced Colin to Charlier, it was already clear to me that he was good. He was as impressed with Blueberry as I was with Jerry Spring , back in the day. He did not create Westerns then, but SF, yet you could already see his potential. There is in his comics a real attention to detail and investment rarely equaled.

      Jonathan Cartland is a very ambitious graphic work, Colby with Greg , is a somewhat below his potential. But Giraud had written the script as a novel. The page division was still lacking, as were the dialogs. Furthermore he had planned to spread the story over two books. I suggested to expand that to three books.

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      After I had finished the first Marshal Blueberry , I did not want to do all the work alone anymore. I did not have the time, nor did I want to do the work, others should have rightfully done. Thierry Smolderen subsequently worked out the script. But then I procrastinated. Dargaud had bought back Blueberry , Giraud had rejected part of Smolderen's script, altered the page divisions, etcetera. In the end I became fed up with the third book, and threw in the towel. It is a kind of a merging between Moebius and Giraud, as it concerns a story about sorcerers and sjamans , quite out of this world.

      Additionally, I had the following for Blueberry in mind: President McKinley is lying in a coma and starts to levitate. Subsequently, they tie him to the bed so he does not float off, but then the whole bed starts to levitate. So now they have to nail down the whole bed. Blueberry — it has its origins in a smart dream, I have dreamt in the Pyrenees in The Blueberry scenario was indeed very free and quite transgressive compared to the original depiction of Mike, even more pronounced so than the evolution of Jim Cutlass in his relationship to magic.

      I could not start this series anyway, as long as the Marshal Blueberry trilogy had not yet come to a conclusion. This would have caused too much confusion in the mind of the reader. In the meantime, Alexandro offered him Bouncer , which he naturally accepted. Of course, Blueberry would have been pretty good, but Bouncer is so great that it would have been unbearable for me to have prevented such a series seeing the day of light.

      Even so, my frustration with my own scenario became total, forcing me to rework and update it, no doubt improving it as I go along, and I in particular will have to decide on how to proceed.

      VIAF ID: 104152755 (Personal)

      He is such a rich character that people can not imagine him disappearing. The history of such a character can not have an ending. We had created the possibility to highlight Blueberry in a panoramic manner by concurrently publish several different series, in which he is young, less young and, why not, old eventually. We even could have told the story of his death without ending the series. Blueberry is a particularly intimate life companion. He is part of me, but it should not become an obsession. That is the reason why I have given him the chance to escape me by entrusting him to others.

      In essence, it has become Blueberry's fate to be condemned to life by his creators. Lofficier: Before Nick Fury, There was Lieutenant Blueberry in Marvel Age 79 October, Comics Interview Fictioneer Books. Date and place of birth as provided by co-creator Charlier in his fictional Blueberry biography included in the book Ballade pour un cercueil. Epic Comics. As of , Dargaud's collection is translated in Spanish, Dutch, Finnish and Swedish, the Swedes having previously foregone participation in Egmont's collection project.

      While the expression is also used in other countries, albeit unofficially, none have afforded the medium the same status. Paris: LZ Publications. Stripschrift in Dutch It seems that the mini euro-western revival is happening. This one and the Salvation and Gold are all recent movies that have respected international cast involved. Will be watching all three around this days. The Alps in the early 20th century, an American photographer, Greider, rides into a small town situated in a remote valley. The widow Gaderin and her daughter Luci provide him lodging.

      The whole town is dominated by farmer and landowner Brenner and his six sons. During hunting a second Brenner son lost his live — this time a horseshoe nail stuck in his head. The Brenners now focus on Greider… Strikingly fine photographed the movie works sometimes as a silent movie — no dialogues, just faces impressions — and is in its best moments a reminiscent of its famous forerunners.

      The conventional revenge story as seen in many other westerns is very well made IMO. Got some negativ reviews after its screening on the Berlinale. Le Jardinier de la Pompadour French Edition. La Crini. The King Not Lost. Le Signe rouge des braves - Un. Beyond the Sunset.

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