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Accordingly, photos from those occasions may turn out disappointingly blurry, overblown, and grainy. While some shutterbugs combat this phenomenon with flash, it can be difficult for an amateur photographer to properly control the secondary light source. To avoid blur, set your camera to shutter priority mode and shoot at higher speeds than you typically would. For reference: you might use an ISO of to capture a well-lit, outdoor shot — in a low-light setting, you could adjust to and above. Some cameras have an image stabilization setting IS that you can turn on and off, but you can also simply make good use of a tripod to keep your camera steady and your shots crisp.

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Ready to move onto another photography challenge? Check out our complete collection of guides. They want something more impressive for their child, something more than just politeness, and they think the relationship won't turn out right "steep decline" and they want to bring the girl to her senses any way they can "smelling salts and faulty means" The bones collide bit I also see as being about sex. ITs the parents asking each other if their daughter is having sex, and whether it was she or her boyfriend who started it, and WHY the girl wants to sleep with this guy.

Then the bit that Nikki sings is the girl trying to defend the boy, saying he's shy, and he always ends up closing up around new people "it's always the same way" and she's frustrated that they don't see the real him that she knows.

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Then she tells her parents that if they give it time they'll get to know the boy and see how great he is "blue" a cold colour, his cold exterior "turns soft in time" and they'll be able to see past his "everyday disguise". Sorry if none of that made sense!

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General Comment I don't know about the whole cocaine thing. But I do agree that it's about a couple, and the girlfriend is too nice, and cares too much about her lover, that she can't just help the problems they have or try to help him become a better person because she's afraid of a negative response from him. In the line Nikki says describes how all their fights are. Her boyfriend is probably a jerk, and she deserves better. General Comment haha I bet capgun is a girl and downstreamer's a guy. Actually, don't tell me if I'm wrong, I don't care.

But this band is okay I'm listening to them more than I expected so I guess I like them more than I think.

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I definitely see the Smashing Pumpkins there though. I bet capgun is the most correct so far I guess the parts about bones colliding are a reference to sex? But the idea is that they're missing the point, they've removed the emotion from a relationship for fear of losing each other and all they have are colliding sacks of bones. I could easily be wrong. General Comment its mostly about sex i think Song Meaning It seems to me that this song is about sex.

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It's about a guy whose frustrated with the girl he's sleeping with because she's too shy about sex. He's saying he's getting too excited being caught is just the same headed for a lowlife little lover's so polite waking up the core needs with smelling salts and faulty means He's saying she gets him excited and wakes up his "core needs" by acting very sexual, but it's really just a "smokescreen.

Pretty sure "headed for a lowlife" is another euphemism Like he's annoyed with her for saying he's going too fast when he doesn't think so nikki: it's always the same way for me ending in the same way.

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  3. 4. Nikon D7500.
  4. That's my take on it. I could be totally wrong. Maybe I just have a dirty mind.

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    General Comment such a good song. General Comment This son seems to be about cocaine use, and a girlfriend's exeptance of the boyfriend's use.

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    I love the Silversun Pickups. Very Smashing Pumpkins meets Placebo. General Comment I must be drunk 'cause of the above typos. Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! We do not have any tags for Little Lover's So Polite lyrics. Why not add your own?

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