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If we want to see nu metal play a part in the future of our scene, a change to the formula is inevitable. Hailing from Liverpool, and packing more punches than a team-up against Thanos, are hardcore nu metallers Death Blooms.

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Their self-titled debut EP has as much to do with adrenaline-pumping hardcore as it does nu metal. Dark, sinister hooks coupled with battering riffs are giving the band something of an edge with fans from both sides of the spectrum.

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You can see it in our pits. Astonishingly, they managed to nab their first Download slot, as well as a support slot for Korn legend Jonathan Davis in Manchester earlier this year, all off the strength of one EP and word of mouth. But has this all come too quickly? Also, it was the name that best fitted our sound. PAUL : We just put in as much as we can, from a wide range of influences, for example, nu-metal, metalcore, pop-punk, which reflect our diverse musical tastes, so yeah, we just throw everything in, and see what happens.

Review: Death Blooms – You Are Filth EP

How has the reaction been to that so far? How has the recording process for that been? PAUL : Nah! It was actually really cool.

In comparison to when we did the first EP, where me and Ad got together, sat down somewhere, wrote a few songs, and then sent them over to Dave, this time, we spent two sessions writing the tracks with him. Last year, you played at Download, supported King , and opened for Korn frontman Jonathan Davis in Manchester, which must have been quite an experience for the band.

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Mudvayne - Death Blooms (Bass Cover) (Play Along Tabs In Video)

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How did the name Death Blooms come about? What would you say was your songwriting approach? What inspires the band lyrically? PAUL : The process just started, everything came together, and then it was over. AD : Yeah, coffee-fuelled metal!

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