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Come see how we are going to turn this subject-to, fire damaged home into a profitable rehab deal. The Onsite Renovation Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday each month at NOON at an active renovation site, build site or rental property which will vary from month to month. Scott is also a licensed attorney. He is a frequent speaker on the topic of self-directed IRAs and has been in the industry since early You are sure to meet some great individuals and make lasting connections that will help propel your business in the right direction.

We look forward to seeing you there! With hundreds of real estate investors in the Atlanta market, solid investment properties are getting harder and harder to find. But they are there — you just have know where, when, and how often to look for them. In this talk he is going to reveal secrets he usually only shares with his students and consulting clients. Whatever your situation — whether you have money, a little money, or no money, whether you have training or not, there is an opportunity waiting for you. Roger is going to address them and show you how to conquer them.

Roger is going to show you that while systems and methods can certainly help you out, they are NOT the key. The key is YOU. The magic is not in the system. The magic is in YOU. You will leave this event knowing what your next step s should be. Stop reading, studying, analyzing, and thinking — Get the Party Started! Come join us onsite this month, see how the how Don will large home and turn it into a profitable deal. I hope to see you there! Do you need more motivated buyer and seller leads in order to do more profitable deals? Duncan is a full time investor in Greenville, South Carolina.

His business revolves around automated systems so he can do less work and make more money. The more people that see that, the greater the chance of getting more people involved because they see The First Tee teaches some pretty good core values. If interested in getting involved, whether to sign up your youngster or to volunteer, please call'The First Tee's headquarters at Cheerleaders' National title winning perfor- mance in Nashville, Tenn. Will be broad- cast on Fox Sports Net on April 25 at 3 p.

The Super All-Stars are an Elite group of cheerleaders. There is 15 Lake County representatives on this year's squad. John Phelps can be reached at , Ext. The style of play stays the same, however. Plinske has coached the varsity boy's tennis team for eight years and the var- sity girls for the past seven. According to the coach, there was a heck of a battle for the two singles positions.

But after the challenge matches, Janke and Nichols got the nods. Janke will play No. As for Janke, he was at No. And his competitive spirit is his biggest asset. Pratt, Carl. After careful consideration, Pratt and Slimp, who recorded a 9- 15 markatNo. They've been playing together long enough that they have great court awareness. They are both quick to the net and quick to recover any lob," As for the No.

Opponents better be awake orthey will never see it the serve go by. Both Sam and Pro have solid ground strokes and can pass with them. Pro will take the volley's and hit the angle shots while Sam lives for short lobs. Their height and arm span can cover most of the court. Nichols and Ryan Reimer. According to Plinske, "both bring big first serves and both have solid ground strokes. They are still adjusting to playing together but will improve with each match.

He said Reimer is the calming influence of the two. Ben Newton plays with outright aggres- siveness, while Buddy has great power for fourth doubles. His biggest asset will be the first serve. In the Wheeling Invitational, Antioch claimed second place with 11 points. The Sequoits also picked'up a dual victory over Woodstock, Among the winners included Janke and Andrew Nichols victorious in sin- Antioch tennis player Carl Slimp gets ready for a forehand smash during duel meet action against Wauconda.

The Sequoits have dual meet action at Vernon Hills April 17 beginning at p. They will then host their own quadrangular meet April 19 starting at 9 a. If you want to do well, you have to hit, and I really think our hitting will come around strong," said Selle. We're concentrating on being as error-free as possible. Another interesting wrinkle in the young Antioch season is pitching. Although fresh- man ace Laura Elstrom and first basemen Wells are splitting time on the mound, Selle would like to keep Wells at her strength at first base, while placing the brunt of the work on the mound on the shoulders of a freshman.

We're com- ing off a bad weekend and I was eager to see how we would respond, especially consider- ing our goals and this being the first confer- ence game," said Selle. The final new aspect to Antioch seasons comes in the dugout, with first year head coach Selle running the show. Selle had assist- ed former coach Jen Schultz for the two previ- ous seasons, and worked as the freshman coach the year before.

They will first host Warren April That will then be followed by double- header action at Addison Trail April 19 begin- ning at 11 a. The Sequoits will square off against Stevenson April 22 in Lincolnshire. Game time is also p. Snelton stars for Antioch Antioch used a good day pitching and hit- ting by John Snelton and improved play all around to beat Wauconda.

The Sequoits won on a windy after- noon at their home field. Snelton, a junior, pitched for the win in the complete game, with a 3-hitter. He walked three. At the plate, he was 3-for-3 with a single, double and 2-run homer. Brad Hoogerhyde, a senior, had a solo homer for the winners. He was 2-for-3 as well with a double. Nick Severson, another senior, also con- tributed with a 2-for-3 day with as single and double. Antioch banged out 10 hits in the contest. We need to cut down on our mistakes.

Some is baseball , and we have a young team, with four seniors, four sophomores and seven juniors," Petty said. Antioch's only other win was over Waukegan. Randy Frolich was the winning pitcher. Antioch hosts Palatine for two games on April The loss dropped Wauconda to over- all. Individual sports offered include judo, karate, power lifting, tennis, swimming, archery, billiards, diving, golf, gymnastics, and many more. Competitors are grouped according to their age and ability, depending on the sports. Meanwhile, team sports that are featured include ice hockey, paintball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, basketball and baseball.

Team- sport divisions, which are sport-specific, include junior high, high school and open college and older. There is also a and- older division in men's soccer. Team entries vary in price. The deadline for most individual sports is June 6. As part of opening ceremonies, all ath- letes and coaches are invited to attend the Athlete Celebration at 8 p. To obtain an application book, call the Prairie State Games at or register on-line at www. First matches will commence at 7 p.

The event is a fund-raiser for the Waukegan High wrestling team. For the. Mike Steil leads the league with his average. Round Lake's Brian Chilcott is right behind Steil for the leading average. Prep Scene News and notes The Chicago Bulls Training Academy is giving graduating high school senior boy's basketball players the opportunity to show- case their skills to college coaches.

The session will give each player a chance show off their individual, as well as team skills, for Div. The dead- line is fast approaching, so don't delay! This all-day event will begin at 8 a. Players will be placed on teams of no more than eight players and will play at least eight games. Please call George Shimko at for further information. Tryouts Cheerleading The Antloch Community High School cheerleading program will be holding their tryouts for all freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors on April 28, 29,.

The freshman will tryout from p. All tryouts will be held in the gym- nastics room at Antioch High School. The instruction for tryouts will be taught on April For' further questions, please e. Blackshorts are required and maybe purchased if needed. Players also need to provide their own shin guards. First-time players must provide a copy of their birth certificate when registering. Each fall and spring season consists of one practice during the week and seven games during the season, played on Saturday's. Sign- ups will be throughout the month of May for children in kindergarten through eighth- grade as of the fall, If interested in coaching, please let the park dis- trict know when yoiy:ome in to register.

North Shore basketball camp Get in the game this summer! North Shore Basketball Camp is a nationally recognized organization providing instruction in basket- ball fundamentals, including dribbling, pass- ing, defense and snooting. Each camper will receive a basketball, T-shirt, bas- ketball squeeze bottle and certificate of com- pletion.

For girls and boys ages , the camp will be held Mon. Martial arts. Shotokan karate classes will be held at the park district's community center gymnasium. Classes are held on Thursday's, starting April 17 and running through June Classes are offered for children aged five- and- older up to adult. Youths will have the chance to learn basic and. White'Sxox Training courses will be taught by collegiate coaches, former professional players and full-.

Throwing, hitting, bunting,:fieldingi pitching and base. Also on the last day of campi players get a chance to showcase what they've learned by playing a competitive game against others in the camp. This is for youths ages Cheerleading Camp Through this clinic, participants will learn many different techniques that a cheerleader needs in order to attain their highest level of performance. All participants will receive a T- shirt. The camp for youths between the ages of will be on Tues. Then, a camp for youths ages will be held from i 1 a.

Please call the park district office for further details. Camp Summertime Get ready for a fun-filled, adventurous summer! The camp is for youths in grades as of the fall of Camp run Mon. Come and get the thrill of recreational competi- tiveness in every pick-up game. Get fit and have some fun. A minimal fee is paid at the door. This open basketball is held every Wednesday from p. Note: For more information, contact the Park: District office at or stop by the office ar.

Volvos only. Not valid with any other offer. Offer good through April 30, , at your Kawasaki dealer. The camp is by invita- tion only. Boys and girls ages are eligi- ble to apply. Players from 50 states and eight foreign countries attended the camp. Champaign and Macomb are among the Illinois locations for the camp this summer. For further information or a free brochure, please call Hertz had one save and Allen seven.

Ashley Downing and Stephanie Aichholzer each stopped five. This is open to all interested soccer players in the area. Tryouts will also take place in May on the 17th, 18th and 19th, also at Oakland School. When you or someone you know needs help, you can now receive expert addiction treatment at All Saints Healthcare in Racine. Call us at or A whole new way to mow. Just place your hands on the handle and go.

Personal Pace automatically mows at the pace you want to go. Test-drive the Intelligent new self-propel system at a Toro dealer today. Simply, if anything goes wrong we fix it for. Billions of viscoelastic memory cells conform exactly to your body, alleviating counter-pressure and promoting deep-REM sleep. CEORG www. Pwr Minois. Child Locks, Child Safety Latches. Discount 1, ICmmhntouSm. Floor Mats. Pre-Dimn P imitKVixnvo. Buckets, 2. Tether Anchors, Console, Corrosion Protection. Cup Holders, Tinted Glass.

Assist Handles, HD Alternator, 3. OJL Discount. Floor Mais, Trailer Tow Package. OJDu Discount. Yes, blue. While we. Why blue? Blue is the color of bruises — specifically, bruises to the bodies and souls of abused children. If there, is one program that embodies the hope diat blue rib- bons will go back to meaning a good thing, it is the CBFS "Wings" program. Wings offers a preventive lift to parents beforehand, helping them to cope with the frustrations and challenges of parenthood so there is never a time when the hand that cares for a child becomes an instrument of injury.

This help begins — in the best scenario — during the prenatal period. During her last trimester of pregnancy with her second child, Dawn Cruz was beginning to struggle with managing her first. Nevertheless, Dawn was already feeling stress, and was worried about how to discipline a toddler, avoid sibling rivalry and care for a newborn. Adding to the mix, Dawn and her husband Juan had cultural differences that created conflict In their approach- es, to child rearing. Dawn disagreed.

Dawn also worried about how Elijah would handle becoming second fiddle after enjoying the position of only child. Fortunately, Dawn was not afraid to ask for help. A WIC nurse suggested contacting Wings. The caseworker and client have bonded in a way not typical in intervention-based programs. But this is not an intervention program. Such was not the case. We're here to make sugges- tions and offer support and resources. Rosa sees 23 clients a month. Some need help in negotiaUng die muddy waters of discipline.

Some have more concrete and immediate needs, such as finding a way to gel through unemploy- ment, or staving off the threat of homelessness. While Wings does not directly help in most areas of material assistance, the agency acts as a liaison with otiier social service organizations, linking parents with appropriate resources. Many community groups and individuals also donate goods to the agency, such as diapers, toys and clothing. Cruz is a participant Under Rosa's wings, Dawn's perspective on dealing with her son's behavior shifted. Give me anything that smacks of a test and I freeze.

Lake County used the "more effi- cient," optical scan balloting system in the recent election but didn't tell me I needed to switch from "Remedial Punch Card Voting I had hoped that my candidate crib notes would pull me through. No such luck. I stuck my completed ballot in the optical scanner. The contraption gagged a couple of times, then spit my paper back out at me faster than my baby daughter tasting beets.

Needless to say, people have had as much luck fixing my test- taking problem as Castro would have fixing an election in Miami. My fifth-grade teacher, Mr. Wiegand, was never the same after I spent a year under his tute- lage. For one, multiplication time tests sent me screaming out of the room before we even Eat. And Save.

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Why hassle with expensive parking at the airport? Stay at the Embassy Suites O'Hare instead. Plus a free ride to the airport and up to 14 days of parking. It's all part of our unparalleled commitment to service. So come park your- self here. And save.

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Visit www. Please ask for more information. After they found poor Mr. Wiegand kneeling in front of my desk sobbing uncontrollably, they packed me off to a spe- cial "hands-on" math class where I happily. Since math was not my forte, my parents hoped I'd show some ability in the arts. And things did look promising for my piano lessons until my first recital.

Also, thanks to all those cookies, forget becoming a prima ballerina. Mom made extra wide culottes to cover the split seam in my leotards from hoisting more delicate peers. At least they made allowances for my stage fright during my one ballet perfor- mance. I was center stage in a little maritime number; an anchor supporting dainty water sprites as they struck cute poses like Shirley Temple in a Bugsby Berkeley musical.

However, he did suspect I would never be a home economics major. When I ended up in the same economics class with him, for some reason, he told me to "play it cool" by sitting far away from him in the lec- ture hall. However, I was VERY grateful for his help memorizing diagrams that, to me, might as well have been crop circles. Still, he had to rely on me to take his car in for emissions testing last week.

Leslie Glazier-Werner can be contacted at lesismore msn. Steve Barg, LPC's executive director, will guide people through the Liberty Prairie Reserve 3, acres of protected land in the heart of Lake County as we watch the wonders of the Woodcock's courtship ritual. This event is recommended for ages 12 and up. Third St. Mains St. North Chicago W. All activities are free and open to the public. April Roland Miller, a photography instructor, captured the stunning beauty of Antarctica through photographs taken during his one-month voyage on the Russian ice- Sreaker Kapitan Klebnekov.

Along with wildlife and history, Miller will present images of Antarctica's breathtaking land- scape and geology. Kelly Cartwright, a biology instruc- - tor, will suggest easy, money-saving mea- sures for creating a safer environment. The Critter Hospital, a presentation on wildlife at 7 p. County Wildlife Control will show how to "animal proof your home and how to live ' more harmoniously with nature. A Fungus Among Us, a presentation on fungal fiends and fungal friends at 3 p.

Linda Curtis, a botanist, author and photographer, will give the scoop on what's growing under your bed and in your walls. Snakes Alive, a presentation on reptiles, at 7 p. Michael Com, dean of biological and health sciences, will cover myths, mysteries and facts surrounding reptiles. He will dis- play different snakes — from a foot-long king snake to a ft. Predators in the Air, a pro- gram on hawks and falcons at 7 p. April 24 featuring Rob Sulski and Phil Willis. Sulski is a local raptor researcher and falconer and a full-time project manager for the Illinois EPA's Bureau of Water.

His current research involves determining the natural origin of Peregrine falcons and northern goshawks that migrate along Lake Michigan. For information, call April 23 in the Brandel Court at the Grayslake Campus. Donors must be 17 or older, weigh at least pounds, be in good health and not have donated blood within 56 days.

Donors will receive a mini-physical that includes a blood pressure check and iron level count. The blood drive will be conducted on a walk-in basis. For information, call the CLC health center at The free concert will begin at p. The pro- gram also will feature vocalist Sheila Pepple of Wadsworth. The concert will be directed by music instructor Bruce Mack.

For informa- tion, call The concert will fea- ture a varied program of choral favorites. Admission is free and open to the public. For information call Shakespeare's birthday Live music, poetry readings, costumes and a birthday cake will be the highlights of the celebration of William Shakespeare's birthday at the College of Lake County from noon to p. April 23 in the atrium of the Grayslake Campus.

Sponsored by CLC's Literary Arts Club, the program will include entertainment and display of books and costumes representing the Elizabethan era. Community residents are invited to share their favorite passages from Shakespeare with the audience. For information call or Oriental Gardens class An introduction to Chinese and Japanese gardens will be provided by College of Lake County philosophy instructor Ed George in a two-session class.

The sessions will help students understand Chinese and Japanese gardens, including the philosophy, symbolism and aesthetic princi- ples they embody. Students will take a virtual tour of several gardens in the United States. The grand entry will take place at noon. Activities will include lectures on Native- American culture, dance demonstrations, an arts and crafts show, storytelling and sam- pling of Native-American food.

The powwow is sponsored by student activities, in cooperation with the Chicago American Indian Center. For tickets, call The bus will leave from Southlake S.

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Milwaukee Ave. The Eternal Egypt exhibit is one of the most extensive loan exhibits to be mounted from the British Museum. Almost all of the artifacts are from the British Museum's per- manent collection and represent some of the finest examples of their kind to have survived from antiquity. The collection includes sculpture, hieroglyphic writing, jewelry, painting and funerary equipment.

For infor- mation call Conveniently located across from the fairgrounds. Atkinson Ste. Rollins Rd. Grammy-nominated artist Maureen Christine, who is a Crystal Lake resident, will perform original and Broadway hits in a lounge-style atmosphere. Kym Frankovelgia and the Peter Tye Quartet will jazz up the second act with original and classic cabaret tunes.

Spectacular raffle prizes will be awarded at the gala including: A day for four at Arlington Park including special box seats. One week on Nantucket Island in a private 4-bedroom cottage. Skybox at a Chicago Cubs game for 10, including food and beverage. Three personal fitness training sessions in your home by Destination Fitness. Lunch or dinner for two at Barrington Bistro.

Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie poster, framed and signed by two of the original animators. Hors d'oeuvres, gourmet desserts and open bar will. All proceeds beneDt Hospice of Northeastern Illinois hospice care programs. For more information or to purchase a ticket for die gala, contact the Hospice Foundation of Northeastern Illinois at , Ext. The musical will be presented July 18, 19, 20, 25 and Auditions are open to both CLC students and community residents.

For more information call Auditions for adults 14 and older are on April 26 from 12 p,m. Call backs for adults will be on April 29 from 7 p. Appointments are necessary. Please call for an appointment. A small group of people will get die pleasure of taking an early morning walk widi Sibley as part of a special Morning Birdwalk offered this year.

The group will be selected through a raffle process. Winners will be notified after April To enter die raffle, call 1. Highway 45 in Grayslake. Want to attract humingbirds? Have a lot of shade in your garden? Are deer eadng you out of house and home? Not every perennial suits every garden. This program will look at various perenni- als and die special uses of each one.

Knowing die uses of perennials can help each gardener select die right plants. This class is offered at no charge. Advance reg- istradon is required for all sessions due to space limitations in class. To register call the Extension office at or register online at www. Remember to bring a camera to take a pho- tograph with the Big Bunny.

For more informalion call Hands Down Certain restrictions apply. You must be 21 yean old to enter the casino and IB yean old lo play Dingo. Potawatomi Bingo Casino. Canal St. Marcomb's Is on the left. If you enjoy Phish or the Grateful jj Dead, this band will help you get your groove on Friday, April 25, 10 p. Responses from audiences at their initial shows ranged from mild shock to utter disbelief that the foursome could pull off this challenging and Intricate music, complete with Phishy improvisation, complex har- monies and excellent light show.

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The festival continues Saturday, April 26, noon - 5 p. Sandwiches and snacks will be available. There will also be prizes and giveaways. Saturday, April 26, from 10 p. In the last 15 years, the band has released ten critically acclaimed CDs and played more than 2, gigs. For more infor- mation on any of the events call This year's theme is "Live Lighdy" on the Earth. Just in time for Easter weekend, children can dye free-range eggs with Earth-friendly dyes, par- ticipate in a scavenger hunt, and join our "Barter Bash" by bringing an unwanted toy with to trade for other toys.

These are just a few of the hands- on activities that families can participate in during the event. There will also be food, games, prizes, and lots of educadonal, interactive booths on top- ics such as organic gardening, solar power, and more. Vote for you favorite booth in the first Best Booth Contest. Participate in two recycling drives. Bring your used athletic shoes for donation to the Second Annual Nike S. The shoes will be made into surfaces for running tracks, playgrounds and ten- nis courts. Also bringyour used cellular phones for donadon to an agency that reprograms phones for victims of domestic abuse.

For more information call the McHenry County Defenders at or visit the web site at www. Classes are scheduled for kindergarten through adults. Specific prices and times are available. Call or visit the web site at www. A luncheon will be offered from 12 p. This program, with popular art lecturer Claire Copping Cross, will explore the art, experi- ences, and times of this extraordinary, fiercely independent woman whose art is deeply rooted in Mexican native lore. Popular art lecturer Claire Copping Cross has been lecturing on art, gar- dens, and architecture for more that 20 years.

Interested persons should register and pay in advance. For further information or to receive a program booklet, call , visit the website at www. Show times are Fridays and Saturdays 8 p. Both touching, and sharply funny, "Dinner with Friends" explores the repercus- sions on the friends relationships as they balance the fear of change with the desire for fulfillment in their lives.

The active company also operates a popular "Summer on Stage Academy" for teens in the summer and the Childrenfs Academy for elementary school children throughout the year. The compa- ny also opened its first children's play, "The Princess and the Pea," in August Group rates are available. Call for information or reservations.

Left to Douglas five. Greenbay Rd. Brandy Link to Website. Property repairs and maintenance, demolition, framing, concrete, drywalling, painting, plumbing, electrical and flooring. Premium Member Special: Qaulity property maintenance at a discounted rate. Floor coverage, change fixtures, paint, light electric,light plumbing can ect. Premium Member Special: What's fare. Repair remodel and renovate.

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Tax filing- accounting -payroll - Notary. Premium Member Special: Tax filing service discount certificate of Joshua Molina Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Free upgrade to architectural shingles. Premium Member Special: Free estimates and advise. Joe Link to Website. Real Estate Broker, Small rehab jobs. Premium Member Special: tbd. Marquita Jones Link to Website. Carlos Link to Website.

Residential Restoration. Premium Member Special: Depends on the project. Jermaine Walker Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Contact for information on the scope of our services. Realtor representation. Premium Member Special:. Elva Hernandez-Flores Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Contractor Services. Premium Member Special: Project coordination. Free estimates for all other work. General contractor- all phases of constrcution. Premium Member Special: Depends on the situation.

JOhn Deel Link to Website. Contracting, Handyman. Jennifer- Lauren Link to Website. Full service general contractor for residential and commercial construction. Interior design, make vudtom decor furnitur yards ponds waterfalls. Inside water falls.. Ceiling twirls with leds.

Worrd work. Premium Member Special: 2, Custom Developer. Laz Sanchez Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Will discuss. Premium Member Special: 15 percent off all Renovation services for investors who have funds for renovations. Kendall Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Quality Work with pricing lower than any other legitimate estimate you receive. Chris Link to Website. Premium Member Special: Discount on painting.

Flooring sales and installations. Premium Member Special: Discounts on flooring materials and labour. Roofing, gutters, screen rooms, remodeling,. Premium Member Special: Lowest price. Kitchens and bathrooms countertops, Finish trim work and outdoor kitchen builds. Hvac electrical remodeling. Premium Member Special: Yes I would love to help them. Custom Finishing Services. Custom install. Premium Member Special: open for discussion. Concrete and electrical work. Cleaning and handyman services.

Roofing, remodeling. Premium Member Special: I will find the best deals and give you the lowest price possible, I and I close fast. Complete remodeling. Premium Member Special: I don't mind give a bonus but at this time I would not know what to give and I am not even sure what I am getting into. So if and when I know what this is all about and what is an appropriate bonus then I can determine what I can give.

General Contractor including carpentry, mason, electrician, plumbing etc. Premium Member Special: Will be negotiable based upon n area and cost. Premium Member Special: Good pricing and better deals when they fixxed them houses quality work profesional people. Floor to ceiling home repairs, landscaping, fencing, concrete. Reglaze and update kitchen, baths, etc. Bob Dillon Link to Website. Detail cleaning of homes for resale. I would like to workout a referral deal also. Handyman and landscaping, lawn moving, pool cleaning. Premium Member Special: 10 percent off.

Full Spectrum Property Preservation and Maintenance. FL Certified Building Contractor. Premium Member Special: Discount on services. Property management, rehab and real estate sales. Alysia Allen Link to Website. Restoration, mold, water, and fire damage repair. Miscellaneous rehab work. Premium Member Special: Estimates are always free. Give us a call and we'll give you the best pricing with the best service in the area! Dale Seery Link to Website. Housing,landscaping,Demo,music,production ,producing,tutoring ,painting Children Custom Apparel etc. Raquel Cuiman Link to Website. Michael Divine Link to Website.

Natalie A.


Construction,, Management, Maintenance. Premium Member Special: We would negotiate prices based on volume and size of projects. David A. Rodgers Link to Website. Home Remodel Contractor. Property preservation, wholesale deals and assignment deals. Concrete countertops, custom concrete furniture ,epoxy flooring, concrete overlay, stamping, stain and seal. Gary Link to Website. Remodeling, renovation and project management service.

Premium Member Special: I'm a home inspector as well as a contractor. Demetrius Link to Website. Troy Casey Link to Website. Carpentry, drywall, electrical, flooring, Hvac and Plumbing. Lawn landscape and debris removal lock changing. Dustin Link to Website. Solar installation consulting.

Solar allows homes to stand out in a neighborhood, reduce their carbon footprint, and save money. Haydn Flores Link to Website. Premium Member Special: A discount tailored program. Debra s Coltune Link to Website. Minor repairs, landscaping, trashouts, mold remediation, water remediation, etc Christopher Rosales Link to Website.

Any remodel work. Premium Member Special: Free paint upgrade. Premium Member Special: Commission. Remold, flip, fix, restauration. Premium Member Special: A special discount in my services. Whole house remodeling. Premium Member Special: 5 percent. Premium Member Special: We have a team of 20 years experience constructors and flee lance architecture.

General and swimming pool contractor. Eric L Palosaari Link to Website. Paints and sundries. Sam Onumah Link to Website. Clean outs, board ups, minor carpentry, tile, flooring, painting, etc. Premium Member Special: Depends on service provided. Premium Member Special: Framing roofing concrete doors bathroom tiling sheetrock Plastering painting. Electrical and home improvement. Woods Link to Website.

I want to sell a property. Premium Member Special: Cash and hard money to acquire other properties. Premium Member Special: 10 to 25 percent off labor costs. Premium Member Special: Depends on the deal. Plumbing fixtures. Flooring, adhesive, and more. Premium Member Special: Please call. Matthew Denkins Link to Website. Steve Mohler Link to Website. Inspections, Repairs and preservation. Richard Arce Link to Website.

Jerry Link to Website. Remodeling Homes. Premium Member Special: Special hourly rate.

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Premium Member Special: I would do either or for them. Home repairs and services. Premium Member Special: The best I can. Trashout, unit turn, repair, maintenance all property services. Premium Member Special: Neg.