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A car travelling east will have a positive velocity, and a car travelling west will have a negative one.

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Now suppose a car passes you going east at 60 mph. Where was it one hour ago? Or at -1 hour? How about a car going west at 60 mph? Where was it an hour ago? For other interesting explanations, see a discussion from amte, the mailing list of the American Association of Mathematics Teachers. From the Dr.

Solving quadratics by taking square roots

Middle School Negative Numbers Answers to many questions about integer operations. Negative Number Rules When do two negative numbers equal a positive? A Negative Times a Negative Why do you take out the negative sign when you multiply two negative numbers? A chain of reasoning or mathematical argument that shows why the rule has to be. On the Web: Re: -1 x -1?

Excerpt: Moins par moins donne plus: Les ennemis de nos ennemis sont nos amis.


Work out. Create a common denominator by looking for the lowest common multiple of 7 and 3. This is Create equivalent fractions using 21 as the new common denominator.

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This is the final answer as the fraction cannot be simplified. This sum contains a mixed number , which must be converted to an improper fraction. Rating details. Sort order. Oct 31, Amy Metz rated it it was amazing. This true story of a man in the grips of a gambling addiction, who embezzles over eleven million dollars, and gets mixed up with the mob and the FBI, is a fascinating tale told with honesty, grit, and humor.

Dennis Hart does not attempt to glorify what happened. He simply narrates a time in his life that started out of a need to please his family and friends. Time and time again, he's sure he can gamble and win enough to pay thousands of dollars back to his bookie. The thousands turn into hundreds of thousands, eventually millions, and to cover the bets, Dennis embezzles from his workplace, fully intending to pay the money back once he scores that big win. Add a teenage marriage which he likens to an alien abduction, crazy parents-in law the mothership, a failed marriage it dissolved faster than an ice cube on an open fire pit, a crazy ex-wife the alien, an early career mistake a result of his trouble and bad luck magnets, and you get a tired, dejected young father of two and eventually four who is desperately trying to prove himself.

Table of contents

Through Hart's narration, the reader sees how easy it is to get sucked into a gambling addiction. We see the stress of his keeping his addiction and theft from his family and his workplace.

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We see him getting further and further buried under debt and fear. But what makes this story such a compelling read is Hart's innate humor. He relays danger, drama, melodrama, and suspense, but he peppers all of it with his wonderful sense of humor. The man is flat out funny. He doesn't make light of the situations, but he shows us there is humor in everything, even the darkest of moments. This book sucked me in. It's a nail biting, pound your chair, laugh out loud story of one man's mistakes and his redemption.

I couldn't put it down.

Life Minus 3 1/2

View 2 comments. This book intrigued and captivated me on a number of levels.

Being a CPA and former Chief Financial Officer of two companies, I was awestruck by the extensive period of time Dennis was able to perpetuate his fraud, all along duping management and the outside auditors.