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So Liam and Noel get two Trash Its. Next up is The Redwalls ' self-titled album. The band has a quintessential rock and roll story: Band covers Beatles , Band gets signed to a major, Band tours the world, Band burns out. But, after being dropped by Capitol Records for insufficient sales, they didn't become disillusioned enough to scrap the dream. Greg thinks they outdid themselves with this effort. He explains that they stepped it up a notch lyrically, and he loves what Johanssen did with the arrangements.

Jim agrees that the sound has been sharpened, and hears a more mature side of the men. Despite the fact that they aren't many years out, they can look back at their teens with some wisdom and humor. That gives The Redwalls a double Buy It. And one of George Harrison's biggest influences was Carl Perkins. In fact all The Beatles adored Perkins and his rockabilly picking, Mersey beat sound they made famous.

Lately Greg has been binging on the music of Australia n songwriter Richard Davies. Davies has worked as a solo artist and also released an album with Eric Matthews under the moniker Cardinal. But this week Greg is especially drawn to Davies' first band, The Moles , which merged baroque pop and psychedelia with a skewed sense of melody. The Moles' single " What's the New Mary Jane " lifts its title from a famous Beatles outtake, but it's much more substantive than what the Fab Four actually recorded. It's a twisted, druggy slice of pop music unlike anything else coming out during the grunge era, so it earns its place in the Desert Island Jukebox.

Musician Nick Waterhouse recently told Greg that he's always trying to make his music " swing. Greg managed to find a copy of this rare release, and now he's eager for Parker to earn the recognition his riffs deserve. To show the range of influence Revolver has had on the music industry, Jim and Greg commissioned this montage of covers from The Beatles ' album:.

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No matter what bracket you are in, no one likes paying tax es. Nothing makes things more tolerable, though, than great music. So Jim and Greg have compiled the perfect playlist for Tax Day :. With the ghost of St. Valentine looming over us all, this week's show is dedicated to those music fans for whom " Love Stinks. Here are some songs to get you out of the mood for Valentine's Day. A big news story this week involves the ever-controversial Kanye West.

This is not the first time the rapper has been public about his conflicted relationship with Jesus , nor is it the first time a musician has pushed hot buttons with religion. Jim and Greg explore this issue and pick the top five instances when a rock star made religious waves. It's interesting to hear what music these artists want to be stranded with.

Here are just some of the selections:. This year, we're celebrating Valentine's Day as only Sound Opinions can, with some anti-love songs! Greg and Jim share their favorite tracks that convey how much love can really stink sometimes.

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Then they chat with some listeners to hear what they have to say. Have you ever heard a song and been totally weirded out by it? The theme of this year's Halloween show is songs that give you the creeps! These are tracks that can be thought of as universally eerie or creepy to you as an individual. Jim and Greg share two songs each that they think fit the bill, and then we'll hear picks from listeners! During the final segment of the show, our Halloween -loving hosts play their picks for scariest rock songs.

Greg's first choice is " Dead Souls " by Joy Division. This band didn't necessarily look scary, but they definitely have a dark history. Lead singer Ian Curtis suffered from epilepsy and would often have seizures onstage. He committed suicide in , cementing the band's tortured image. Cave is often associated with the Goth movement, but Cash is not someone you usually think of on a spooky Halloween night. This song fits perfectly into Cash's repertoire. It tells the story of a death row inmate on the last night of his life. Benmont Tensch 's backing music in particular lends a haunting feel.

Jim wanted to illustrate Goth's influence on other genres with his first pick. Siouxsie emerged out of the Bromley punk scene to join the Banshees and form her own distinctive sound. Her look and her sound solidified the singer as female Goth icon. In this rendition, Jim imagines that Prudence's fate is not unlike that of most horror film heroines. Paul McCartney released his first post- Beatles album 45 years ago this month, launching a commercially successful solo career that is still going strong. Sometimes members of a famous band go out on their own and fall flat on their faces.

But in this segment, Jim and Greg share examples of artists going solo and living up to expectations.

It's easy to get overloaded with sugar on Valentine's Day , especially when it comes to love songs. Here are their favorite, slightly off-kilter love songs. With Halloween looming large, Jim and Greg are feeling a bit morbid. They've got Murder on the brain. Even the healthiest music listener depends on recommendations from family and friends.

But for more severe cases, Sound Opinions recommends people make an appointment with the Rock Doctors. Brendan suffers from an ailment common among people of his generation: 90s-itis. Brendan loves music but hasn't moved forward since He loves the balance of noisy rock and melody in those albums. And, since he can no longer turn on an alt-rock radio station to hear a similar sound, he asks the Rock Doctors, "What sounds like '90s alternative in ?

Greg 's answer to this question is The Secret Machines. The group harkens back to that hard, but melodic sound. The group uses elements from that era like strong guitars and drums, and adds space rock. Jim 's prescription for 90s-itis is Wolf Parade. The Canadian indie rockers have a lot of energy and aggression that Brendan should appreciate. There's a nod to classic rock, but the band is not living in the past. He gives Brendan a dose of " At Mount Zoomer " by Wolf Parade and invites him back for a follow-up appointment in a week.

When Brendan returns he reports that he is slowly recovering. He enjoyed both prescriptions, but thinks he needs to give them more time. This week, we kick off a new feature called Instrumental where we examine the history of iconic instruments of rock. We start with the electric string guitar and its most famous manufacturer, Rickenbacker. After the acoustic string guitar was popularized by blues artists like Lead Belly and by the ' 60s folk revival, Rickenbacker began making an electrified version.

The most notable adopter of the instrument was Jim later Roger McGuinn , who used it to define the sound of The Byrds on tracks like " Mr. Tambourine Man " and " Turn! An instrument that is featured prominently in a number of '60s hits by bands like The Beatles and The Byrds , is the Rickenbacker electric string guitar. After the acoustic string guitar was popularized by blues artists like Lead Belly and by the '60s folk revival, Rickenbacker began making an electrified version.

The most notable adopter of the instrument was Jim later Roger McGuinn, who used it to define the sound of The Byrds on tracks like " Mr. Hall died in early January at the age of He thinks it's a great example of Hall's producing prowess and the kind of music he oversaw in Muscle Shoals. Hooked on Sonics is a segment where musicians share the songs that made them fall in love with music. Big Star, is, in many ways, more famous now than they were during their first s incarnation. In the s and s , a whole new generation discovered the group after The Replacements and REM cited them as influences.

Today, Jody works at the famous Ardent Studios down in Memphis; but as a kid, it was music from a completely different part of the world that got him Hooked on Sonics. But, as you'll hear, it all came around full circle. They used droning guitars, grounded drumming and far out, but sometimes dark, lyrics to make an impact on indie rock forever. Even the inimitable Prince was smitten, naming his own estate and record label " Paisley Park ," working with the Bangles and signing The Three O'Clock!

Jim and Greg discuss the rise and fall of the Paisley Underground and share where its influence is seen today in music. They also talk about the collaborative album, 3x4 , on which the bands cover each others' songs decades later. Ozzy Osbourne famously serenaded " Mr. Crowley ," in his track. But, poet, novelist and noted occultist Alesteir Crowley has been name-checked, celebrated and explored in hundreds of rock songs. And he's just one example of how the occult has influenced rock and roll , or how it saved it, according to author Peter Bebergal. First off, we're not talking about satanism here.

But Bebergal explains that occult beliefs are a conglomerate of bits of mythology, religion and actual experience, which take the form of mystical or other states of altered consciousness. Despite darker connotations, occult beliefs attempt to understand reality in a way traditional religious practice cannot or chooses not to explore. Then Jim and Greg get into the music. The occult has trickled into popular music since early blues recordings at the beginning of the last century.

That evolved into the hoodoo-inspired sounds of Elvis Presley , the mystical references to the east in the music of The Beatles and Led Zeppelin and even the Illuminati imagery of modern hip-hop. For more great occult tunes, check out Peter Bebergal 's playlist by following us at Beats Music. They truly are the champions: Queen 's Greatest Hits album just became the first record in history to sell more than 6 million copies in the United Kingdom.

That's about one album for every ten Britons—or, as Jim puts it, a whole lot of Freddie Mercury 's overbite. In more chart news from across the pond, the U. Apparently it's an indie rock outfit known for sampling Bollywood show tunes, with the nephew of the late British songstress Kirsty MacColl on guitar. The Brits must have a thing for the initials BBC. Meanwhile back in the States, rock fans have been celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Beatles ' first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

And for memorabilia dealers, that's meant big business. A chunk of the Sullivan Show set signed by the Fab Four is going for a million bucks, while a signed U. There's also a signed copy of With the Beatles floating around somewhere. Live the dream, Fred.

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First up in the news is the passing of longtime Beatles friend, manager and business associate Neil Aspinall. But, as Jim and Greg explain, many fans blamed Aspinall for the slow release of Beatles archival materials, as well as Apple Corps' resistance toward moving into the digital age. But, as Jim points out, before launching any new Beatles venture, he had to get Paul, George, Ringo and Yoko on board — no small feat. Digital sales for artists featured on the program have seen significant bumps. In other chart news the British Phonographic Industry recently updated its sales award rules. So now, a little band called The Beatles has finally gone platinum.

The official count only began from , though, so actual sales of hit Beatles albums like Revolver and Help can only be estimated. By now everyone's heard Robin Thicke 's Blurred Lines.

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Well, thousands of listeners have, though perhaps not intentionally. Beckwith's recording for harpsichord and violin has gotten a huge boost in online streams ever since Thicke's song of the same name came out earlier this year. Blame it on Google , but it seems hard to mistake Thicke for Beckwith's sounds inspired by the Swedish hardanger. The Fab Four's songs have been used a few times in advertising, especially since the catalog has come under the joint control of Sony Corp.

Also in the news is rapper 50 Cent 's lawsuit against internet ad company Traffix Inc. While Jim and Greg agree this is pretty distasteful, they wonder if 50 Cent's real beef is that he didn't come up with the idea himself. The hip hop star has based his image on his own violent background, which includes being shot nine times. Move over Elvis , there's a new king in town and that king…is a cowboy. Garth Brooks once again surpassed Elvis Presley as the best-selling solo artist of all time in the U. Brooks is thoroughly beating his competition, as the number two country artist on the list is George Strait at only 69 million units.

While Garth reigns supreme in the solo category, The Beatles are the best-selling music act with million units. In other news, Universal Music Group filed a lawsuit against two companies that distribute mixtapes to individuals in prisons claiming licensing infringement. The defendants argued that their efforts were to prevent contraband within prisons, however it looks like they could be spending more time fighting the law than their consumers. One member of the group was an art collector and recognized the stolen item. While they returned it ala the Scooby Doo gang , the culprit is still at large.

In the news this week is Radiohead 's decision to independently release its first studio album since as a pay-what-you-wish download. The announcement has sparked interest among fans and industry analysts alike, and Jim and Greg are eager to see how this experiment works out. When Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood were on the show last year, they discussed their hope to step outside the traditional record industry model, but they didn't seem to know how or when they would do it. And how Radiohead succeeds with releasing their album this way will be telling for other labels and bands who are looking for an alternative to the overpriced plastic disc.

Another story getting headlines is the Phil Spector murder trial. Four years ago the legendary producer was charged with murdering actress Lana Clarkson , and last week the jury announced it was deadlocked. It will be months before a new trial is launched in Los Angeles , but with so much negative attention focused on Spector, Jim and Greg wanted to take this opportunity to discuss his legacy as a producer.

He's had a history of violence, but, as Greg explains, he also completely reinvented music production. Using heavy orchestrations, layers of sound, and booming echoes of instrumentation, Spector created the " Wall of Sound " effect for groups like The Ronettes , The Beach Boys and The Beatles. It seems like just yesterday that the British first invaded rock and roll.

However, the European Union just extended that copyright law from 50 years to 70 years, giving record companies another two decades to collect big revenues. It's being called Cliff's Law after pop singer Cliff Richard , but other artists don't think the law will benefit them. Here in the U. So, many American musicians who made recordings in the s, including Bob Dylan , Tom Petty and Don Henley , are able to file claims.

In other news across the pond, U. You expect these kind of restrictions in China , but not necessarily in England. They said they already work with copyright owners to remove infringing materials. So it looks like legislation is the next step.

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Hard to believe, but The Beatles are so old that some of their music is now entering public domain in Europe. While a law is in place to extend copyrights in the E. Early tracks by Bob Dylan , however, have recently been protected. It's only available in certain European countries though, so American Dylan fans will have to be willing to pay big bucks on eBay.

This is typically the dry season for major album releases, but there have been a lot of buzzworthy singles. Jim and Greg run through some of the big ones. They never thought they'd utter the words "new David Bowie track," but we've got one called " Where Are We Now ," with a Tony Visconti - produced album to follow. Then there's JT 's new chart-topper " Suit and Tie. Last, but not least, are the ladies of Destiny's Child.

There's a new song called " Nuclear " and plans for the three to appear together during the Superbowl Halftime Show. Guess motherhood has made Beyonce nostalgic. And that's not the only famous guitar up for purchase: Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick is starting to auction off some pieces from his massive collection of vintage axes. Meanwhile, the secret buyer of Elvis Presley 's very first recording has been revealed, and it's none other than Jack White. Miley Cyrus has gone from Disney star to Flaming Lips devotee. The album purportedly is a tribute to her dead pets as evidenced in a song like "Pablow the Blowfish.

Call EMI has stepped into the 21st century by doing something no other record label has done: allowing amnesty for samples. Going Going Gone! We love a good rock auction here on Sound Opinions. Also averrable for cold hard cash? Finally The Beatles have their first recording contract up for auction. Martin, a producer, was originally known for bringing success to Parlophone Records in the s by producing comedy albums by such performers and Peter Sellers , Peter Ustinov , and The Goon Show troupe. Then, in , Martin met with an unknown band called The Beatles.

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The group had been rejected by every label they had spoken to prior, and Martin, though not thoroughly impressed by their music, signed The Beatles to Parlophone. He taught the novice, live band about recording and producing. Between and , The Beatles produced 13 albums and 22 singles under Martin's guidance. And though he went on to produce several big-name bands after that, Martin is most well-known for bringing The Beatles from obscurity to the forefront of popular music.

First up in the news the sentence handed to Daniel Biechele , the tour manager of the band Great White. Biechele was ordered to serve four years in prison and three years probation for setting a fire in a Rhode Island nightclub in February — a blaze that killed fans and injured twice that number.

This was the fourth deadliest nightclub fire in U. The ruling represents a compromise between the defense and the prosecution, who were originally seeking a ten-year sentence. Another court case also made news this week. In the battle between The Beatles ' Apple Corp. The band was contending that Apple Computer and its iTunes Music Store had breached a trademark agreement by expanding onto their turf — the music industry.

Now we just have to wait and see if the Beatles will finally release their songs to the online music retailer. Hopefully this will not confuse any of the morons in a hurry out there. There was also an update on Keith Richards ' health status, which was discussed last week. After a mysterious fall on the island of Fiji , Richards was admitted to a hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. The Stones' camp has not said how he fell or what the operation was for, but reports speculate that it was to drain blood from his skull.

A spokesperson has, however, denied that there was more than one surgery or that Richards suffered any brain damage. Fans can expect to see the guitarist touring in June, and back to his old, randy self in no time. Greg discusses how The Go-Betweens, who were going strong up until McLennan's passing, were not necessarily commercially successful, but were very influential in the s. Musicians like Bono and Morrissey and members of bands like R. Many listeners will only know the band from their hit " Bachelor Kisses ," but Greg points out that the songwriting pair penned many wonderful pop songs that were full of emotion and humanity.

He chooses to play " Bye Bye Pride ," and prompts listeners to pay attention to the oboe solo. This year's crop of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees were celebrated last week at a ceremony in Cleveland. While Metallica is getting its props, heavy metal is consistently unrepresented. Greg would vote to nominate Slayer. Jim agrees and adds that progressive rock music is also due for some representation. On the same day that U2 released a second set of tickets for their highly sought-after fall tour, New York Senator Chuck Schumer unveiled new legislation to crack down on the secondary ticket market, or scalping.

Schumer is riding the wave of popularity he got after criticizing Ticketmaster for sales of Bruce Springsteen tickets, but Jim and Greg don't blame him. They may have stopped making music decades ago, but The Beatles ' output is still going strong. This is long overdue; their music hasn't been upgraded since songs were first put on CD twenty years ago. But, while fans might be excited for a new model, Jim and Greg see this as a very transparent attempt to keep dipping into the same profit pool year after year.

The Disney star and daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus is being compared to The Beatles because of how hot these tickets are. Even moments after tickets were officially for sale on the Ticketmaster site, secondary market websites like StubHub and Craigslist had scored tickets and were making them available for hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. This phenomenon has got everyone from industry analysts to state attorneys general to year-old fans suspecting that something fishy is going on.

Ticketmaster has pleaded innocence and recently requested an injunction against RMG Technologies , one of the computer programs that have made it easier for ticket brokers to circumvent its protections. Jim and Greg agree that the issue merits investigation, but they're wondering what has taken so long. The agreement gives Live Nation a cut of not only her touring revenues, but also record sales, merchandising, web sites, movies, TV specials and so on. With record labels floundering, it's easy to understand the appeal of such a deal-companies can no longer count on traditional revenue streams like selling albums, so why not delve into other arenas?

But, Jim and Greg are a little concerned about one large corporation having such a monopoly over every aspect of the industry. Does this mean that in order for a band to get booked at a Live Nation venue, they need to ink a recording and merchandising deal with them? It will be interesting to see who follows Madonna's lead, and who follows the lead of the other newsmakers of the week….

That would, of course, be Radiohead. The ingenuity of Radiohead's scheme is undeniable, but it always comes down to the music.

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  • Jim and Greg tackle that next. Greg Kot attended the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit this week, so he begins the news by reporting back some interesting tidbits. She wants the private sector to do more to police illegal activity. Greg also hosted the keynote address featuring T. Bone Burnett. The iconoclastic producer , who is known for his work on the O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack and Robert Plant 's Raising Sand album, again stood apart from the crowd when he announced that he advises young musicians to stay away from the internet.

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