Sebastian Sees Farm Animals (Personalized Book with the name Sebastian)

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Casa Rural Aristondo, San Sebastián, Spain -

What was once a fine-dining restaurant has been turned into a characterful, lively spot with an open-plan kitchen and great pintxos at the bar. Important marine species are displayed in its 31 aquariums, including the Oceanarium, with a degree tunnel, where you can observe 40 species of fish swimming overhead — including two sand tiger sharks. Casa Munoa is a third-generation jeweller with its own workshop. For clothing, check out Minimil.

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This is a great local label whose influences come from the landscapes, culture and colours of Euskadi [the Basque country], including the distinctive txapela , a beret. Just beautiful, and very wearable. Eduardo Chillida was a local sculptor whose work has been exhibited throughout the world. His art consists mainly of large, abstract interpretations of the human form, cast in steel. A one-time tobacco factory, Tabakalera is now an international centre for contemporary culture. Opened in , the Kursaal building stands proud against the sea on the jetty at Zurriola beach.

It was designed by Rafael Moneo to resemble two large rocks.

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The International Film Festival is on from September; Tamborrada, the noisy drum festival takes place from January; the annual gastronomic festival, Gastronomika , runs from October. Looking for a holiday with a difference? Browse Guardian Holidays now to find a range of fantastic trips.

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Eduardo Chillida sculpture

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