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The idea of what makes a sitcom has expanded, bringing all types of new families, jobs, and groups of friends together for us to watch each week. Several of the best sitcoms in are even animated! Which television sitcoms are you going to watch in ?

The 30 Best Black Sitcoms of All Time

Help others curate their must-see television evenings by voting up the best new and returning sitcom shows to air in All three also serve as head Louis, Missouri. The ensemble cast The series is a spin-off of The Big Bang Theory and serves as a prequel to that series, following the The series was created by Adam F.

A family man Anthony Anderson struggles to gain a sense of cultural identity while raising his kids in a predominantly American Housewife Katy Mixon, Diedrich Bader, Meg Donnelly American Housewife ABC, chronicles the daily life of an average wife and mother who tries to stand out among the housewives and their privileged children in her hometown of Westport, A group of single parents form their own support system as they raise their The series is a satirical depiction of a middle class American lifestyle epitomized by the Originally set for a episode The series Sarah Gilbert, who played Darlene, has guest-starred several times on the show and actress Laurie Metcalfe, who played Roseanne's sister, has a recurring role as Galecki's roommate's mother.

The show's timeline ended with New Year's Eve in While early seasons of the show included frequent use of dream sequences and often had plot lines revolving around the characters' high school, later seasons dropped the imagined segments and mostly didn't show the characters during school hours.

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Creators David Davis and James L. Brooks came upon the idea for the series when they read an article published in New York Magazine titled "Night-Shifting for the Hip Fleet" by Mark Jacobson, in which Jacobson recalled his time driving a cab. A filmed segment of a taxi driving across the Queensboro Bridge in New York City actually repeats a few times during the opening credits.

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The show followed the interns at a teaching hospital, including best friends J. The show's creator, Bill Lawrence , was partially inspired to write the show's storyline after hearing about the experiences of a college acquaintance who was working as an intern at a hospital. The location where the show was filmed, the North Hollywood Medical Center , was actually used as a hospital in the past. Viewers have pointed out that an X-ray is hung the wrong way in the opening credits in early seasons.

Lawrence said the mistake was intentional, while Braff said they hadn't realized the error. The series' cancellation had not yet been revealed when the final episode of the show was created, so the series finale, titled "Gilligan the Goddess," featured a plot involving a chief from a neighboring island looking for a wife and did not include the castaways being rescued. In subsequent made-for-TV-movie sequels one of which was titled "The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island " , the castaways were rescued, but always ended up back on the titular atoll for one reason or another.

Newhart starred in the program, which ran on CBS from to , as a psychologist living in Chicago with his wife Emily Suzanne Pleshette , encountering various unusual patients. The program was part of one of the most famous series finales in TV history when Newhart's second show, "Newhart," finished its run in At the end of the series finale of "Newhart," in which Newhart played Vermont innkeeper Dick Loudon, Newhart awoke in bed next to Pleshette, revealing that the entire series had been dreamt by the psychologist character from " The Bob Newhart Show.

The show's finale included the cast singing "Oklahoma," the title song from the musical of the same name, in a reference to the famous finale of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" in which the ensemble performed "It's a Long Way to Tipperary.

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She also frequently spent time with her best friend and neighbor Rhoda Valerie Harper. In Minneapolis , where the show was set, a statue of Moore throwing her hat in the air as depicted in the show's opening credits was dedicated in Creator Carl Reiner also appeared on the show as Alan Brady, the star of the show for which Rob and his co-workers wrote. The show was usually filmed before a live audience, but one of the few episodes that was not, "Happy Birthday And Too Many More," skipped the usual format because they were taping only a few days after the assassination of President John F.

The two often spend time with their upstairs neighbors Ed and Trixie Norton. The gritty characters and working-class setting would serve as a template for many subsequent shows. Because the show was on for such a comparatively short amount of time, fans often call the output of the year that the show was on the "classic 39" episodes.

Gleason and CBS decided together to end the show, and Gleason later said that he felt "the excellence of the material could not be maintained, and I had too much fondness for the show to cheapen it. The spin-off of " Cheers " features Kelsey Grammer in a reprisal of his role as psychologist Frasier Crane. After the conclusion of "Cheers" and the dissolution of his marriage in Boston, Crane moved to Seattle to host a call-in radio program and share his would-be bachelor pad with his father John Mahoney , recently injured in the line of duty as a Seattle police officer, and his father's physical therapist Jane Leeves.

Why so many sitcoms look the same

Frasier also was forced to endure visits from his brother David Hyde Pierce. Because of his portrayal of Frasier on "Cheers" and "Frasier," Grammer currently is the co-owner of the record for longest appearance as a character in live-action primetime television.

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The actor tied with James Arness of "Gunsmoke. While the Huxtables began with four children, oldest daughter Sandra was actually added after what is traditionally viewed as the pilot, giving the Huxtable clan a total of five children. The show's theme song was co-composed by Cosby himself, who worked with producer Stu Gardner. It centered on a Boston bar of the same name, owned by former baseball player Sam Ted Danson.

The show featured mostly cheerful banter from his staff, including waitress and love interest Diane Shelley Long , and the bar's frequent patrons.

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The sitcom was nominated for Best Comedy every year it aired. Though the show struggled with getting an audience early on, it later earned very high ratings. Producers were already acquainted with Schwimmer and wrote the role for him, but Cox first auditioned for the role of Rachel before being told by the show's creative team that she'd be a better fit for Monica. The series finale of the show became the most-watched television episode of the decade.