Thirty Essays on Geometric Graph Theory (Algorithms and Combinatorics)

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  • Share Give access Share full text access. Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Citing Literature. Volume s , Issue 1 Pages Herman, " History trees as descriptors of macromolecular structures.

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    Deniz Sarioz, Gabor T. Herman and T. Yung Kong, " A technology for retrieval of volume images from biomedical databases. DM] , 14p. Deniz Sarioz, "Generalized Delaunay graphs with respect to any convex set are plane graphs. CG] , 3p. Ambite, Y. Arens, L. Gravano, V. Hatzivassiloglou, E.

    Hovy, J. Klavans, A.

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    Philpot, U. Ramachandran, K. More related to geometry. Forbidden Configurations in Discrete Geometry. David Eppstein. This book surveys the mathematical and computational properties of finite sets of points in the plane, covering recent breakthroughs on important problems in discrete geometry, and listing many open problems.

    It unifies these mathematical and computational views using forbidden configurations, which are patterns that cannot appear in sets with a given property, and explores the implications of this unified view. Written with minimal prerequisites and featuring plenty of figures, this engaging book will be of interest to undergraduate students and researchers in mathematics and computer science. Most topics are introduced with a related puzzle or brain-teaser. The topics range from abstract issues of collinearity, convexity, and general position to more applied areas including robust statistical estimation and network visualization, with connections to related areas of mathematics including number theory, graph theory, and the theory of permutation patterns.

    Pseudocode is included for many algorithms that compute properties of point sets. Finite Geometry and Combinatorial Applications. The projective and polar geometries that arise from a vector space over a finite field are particularly useful in the construction of combinatorial objects, such as latin squares, designs, codes and graphs. This book provides an introduction to these geometries and their many applications to other areas of combinatorics. Coverage includes a detailed treatment of the forbidden subgraph problem from a geometrical point of view, and a chapter on maximum distance separable codes, which includes a proof that such codes over prime fields are short.

    The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Spectral Graph Theory: A Confluence of Algorithms, Geometry & ...

    The author also provides more than exercises complete with detailed solutions , which show the diversity of applications of finite fields and their geometries. Finite Geometry and Combinatorial Applications is ideal for anyone, from a third-year undergraduate to a researcher, who wishes to familiarise themselves with and gain an appreciation of finite geometry.

    A Geometrical Picture Book. Burkard Polster.

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    How do you convey to your students, colleagues and friends some of the beauty of the kind of mathematics you are obsessed with? Pictures are what this book is all about; original pictures of everybody's favorite geometries such as configurations, projective planes and spaces, circle planes, generalized polygons, mathematical biplanes and other designs which capture much of the beauty, construction principles, particularities, substructures and interconnections of these geometries. The level of the text is suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Even if you are a mathematician who just wants some interesting reading you will enjoy the author's very original and comprehensive guided tour of small finite geometries and geometries on surfaces This guided tour includes lots of sterograms of the spatial models, games and puzzles and instructions on how to construct your own pictures and build some of the spatial models yourself.

    Jacob E. Combinatorics ' Recent developments in all aspects of combinatorial and incidence geometry are covered in this volume, including their links with the foundations of geometry, graph theory and algebraic structures, and the applications to coding theory and computer science. Similar ebooks. Towards a Theory of Geometric Graphs. Geometric graph theory focuses on combinatorial and geometric properties of graphs drawn in the plane by straight-line edges or more generally, by edges represented by simple Jordan arcs. It is an emerging discipline that abounds in open problems, but it has already yielded some striking results which have proved instrumental in the solution of several basic problems in combinatorial and computational geometry.

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    • The present volume is a careful selection of 25 invited and thoroughly refereed papers, reporting about important recent discoveries on the way Towards a Theory of Geometric Graphs. Alexander Soifer. This is a unique type of book; at least, I have never encountered a book of this kind. If this summary description does not help understanding the particular character and allure of the book, possibly a more detailed explanation will be found useful.

      One of the primary goals of the author is to interest readers—in particular, young mathematiciansorpossiblypre-mathematicians—inthefascinatingworldofelegant and easily understandable problems, for which no particular mathematical kno- edge is necessary, but which are very far from being easily solved.

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      In fact, the prototype of such problems is the following: If each point of the plane is to be given a color, how many colors do we need if every two points at unit distance are to receive distinct colors? More than half a century ago it was established that the least number of colors needed for such a coloring is either 4, or 5, or 6 or 7. Well, which is it? Despite efforts by a legion of very bright people—many of whom developed whole branches of mathematics and solved problems that seemed much harder—not a single advance towards the answer has been made.

      This mystery, and scores of other similarly simple questions, form one level of mysteries explored.